Pokemon Go Promo Codes: Get Exciting Stuff for Free

Pokemon Go players are often rewarded by Niantic with promo codes. These codes are generated from time to time due to promotional offers and events. If you are a Pokemon Go player looking for some working codes, this post is specially written to help you.

Here, I will present all the working Pokemon Go Promo Codes for you. I will also list the expired ones here, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to use them. Additionally, I will also guide you on how to redeem codes in Pokemon Go.

What Are Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

Pokemon Go is a massively popular AR-based mobile game by Niantic. If you are a Pokemon Go player, you will always find yourself looking to earn PokeCoins or in-game items. What if I tell you there is an easy way to get them for free in some simple taps? Yes, you read that right. Pokemon Go Promo Codes can make it happen. These promo codes are specifically generated by game developers to reward loyal players.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes

You just need to find a working code, redeem it in the app, or on Niantic’s website, and you’ll get an exciting reward. These rewards range from Poke Balls, Berries, to Ultra Balls, Max Revives, Lucky Eggs, and even PokeCoins. You will surely get an amazing reward for redeeming a code.

Niantic offers these promo codes for certain promotions or special events. Last month, Niantic released a special promo code to celebrate its birthday. Sometimes you can also get a code for being away from the game for 14 or more days. Just check your email and you’ll find it. There are various instances where you can find these codes.

Why are these codes very useful for Pokemon Go players?

The gameplay in Pokemon Go is directly influenced by how effectively you use your items. And, to use them, you will need many items in the first place. The Pokemon Go promo codes can help you get a lot of items for free. You won’t have to grind in the game or spend your PokeCoins bought with hard-earned money. That’s why these codes are very important as well as useful for players.

The rewards from these promo codes include Poke Balls, Ultra Balls, and several other types of balls that you can use to catch your favorite Pokemon. You can also get healing items such as Max Revives, Berries, etc, and other important items like Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Puffins are also available. These codes can even reward you with PokeCoins, that you’d have otherwise bought with real money.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes for November and December 2020

Pokemon Go promo codes are generated occasionally by the developers. You can find them during promotional events, occasions, or randomly. You don’t need to go here and there to get them. We will list all the working promo codes in a single list. You just need to pick a code from here and redeem it to get an instant reward.

Here is a full list of promo codes for Pokemon Go players. I have listed both the active as well as expired codes here. Just redeem the active ones as soon as possible. Don’t waste your time on the expired ones. I have listed them only to let you know that these codes have expired.

Active Pokemon Codes

As of now, there are no active Pokemon Go promo codes available. The most recent one was released on 6th October 2020, and it has expired.

Eeevee saying sorry for No Pokemon Go Promo Codes

However, don’t worry. We’ll add the active codes here as soon as they are released. Make sure you keep visiting us to always know about new codes.

Expired Codes

Here is a complete list of Pokemon Go codes that have already expired. You are a bit late in finding them. I’d recommend that you shouldn’t waste your time trying to use them. I’ll keep updating this list whenever an active code expires.

  • DJTLEKBK2G5EK- 20 Ultra Balls, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Stickers, 1 Star Piece.
  • UWJ4PFY623R5X- 5 Ultra Balls, 1 Lucky Egg, 5 Stickers.
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6- 1 Star Piece, 5 Stickers, 5 Razz Berries.
  • 5PTHMZ3AZM5QC- 1 Sinnoh Stone, 10 Ultra Balls, 10 Max Potions.
  • 6W2QRHMM9W2R9- 10 Poke Balls, 5 Razz Berries.
  • DYEZ7HBXCRUZ6EP- 30 Great Balls, 30 Pinap Berries.
  • MDWC4SNGUFXS2SW9- 20 Great Balls, 20 Razz Berries.
  • P2XEAW56TSLUXH3- 30 Ultra Balls, 30 Max Revives 30 Pinap Berries.
  • H7APT5ZTLM45GZV- 30 Poke Balls.

  • DYEZ7HBXCRUZ6EP- 30 Great Balls, 30 Pinap Berries.
  • EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC5- 8 Poke Balls, 4 Golden Razz Berries, 4 Silver Pinap Berries.
  • K8G9DFV4X7L3W- 50 Poke Balls.
  • 944231010271764- 10 Poke Balls.
  • 6W2QRHMM9W2R9- 10 Poke Balls.
  • 844316465423591- 10 Poke Balls.
  • 6W2QRHMM9W2R9- 10 Poke Balls.
  • 6ZXTNRFY- 3 Egg Incubators. 1 Lucky Egg.
  • 8E2OFJYC- 3 Egg Incubators, 1 Lucky Egg.
  • 2P3N6WKW- 1 Egg Incubator.
  • HELPPOKEMON- PokeCoins.

These are all the codes that have expired. Can you see how much of the free stuff you have missed already?

How to use Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

Redeeming promo codes in Pokemon Go is very simple. Even kids can do that without any issue. There are two methods available to redeem Pokemon Go promo codes. I’ll explain both the methods briefly here. You just need to follow some simple steps.

Method-1: Redeem with Pokemon Go App

Follow these steps to redeem the promo codes in the Pokemon Go app:

  • Launch the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Map View, and open the Main Menu.
  • Now tap on the Shop button.
  • Next, scroll down and enter an active promo code in the box.

Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes

  • Finally, tap on Redeem.

Note: This method is available only for Android users.

That’s it. You will instantly receive your reward.

Method-2: Redeem on Niantic’s Website

Both Android and iOS users can redeem codes from Niantic’s official website. Follow these steps to redeem the promo codes on Niantic’s website:

  • Now sign in with your Pokemon Go account. Alternatively, you can also use your Google or Facebook account for that.
  • Next, enter an active promo code in the redemption box.
  • Finally, click on Redeem.

That’s it. You will get your reward instantly with this method as well. However, sometimes it may take around 5 minutes for your reward to show up in your inventory.

Final Take

Pokemon Go Promo Codes reward players with amazing in-game items such as PokeBalls, Berries, Ultra Balls, Max Revives, PokeCoins, and a lot of useful stuff. Smart players always keep looking for new codes to have an edge in the game over others. These are all the active as well as expired promo codes. Make sure you keep visiting us as we’ll update this list with new codes as soon as they are released.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.