How To Complete Use Recall Tower 3 Times In BGMI?

Use Recall Tower 3 Times: Krafton is finally launching Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1.8 update, and it has introduced some features that players haven’t experienced before.

The features BGMI users are currently enjoying include the Web ShooterZipline, and Recall Tower.

We’ve already provided the basics of using Web Shooter and Zipline in BGMI and BGMI; we’ve created a brand new tutorial on utilizing Tower Recall in BGMI and finishing an RP task that requires players to use Tower Recall 3 times in Classic Mode.

Use Recall Tower 3 Times BGMI RP Mission Guide

Since the beginning of BGMI Royal Pass M7 has been completed, the players must accomplish some missions to get RP Bonus. 

One of the missions that players have difficulty completing is “Use the Recall Tower 3 times using Classic Mode’. 

If you are also struggling to complete this RP task, look at us as we’ve prepared for you.

To finish the ‘Use the Recall Tower 3 times mission within BGMI, players need to start the game and choose after that the Aftermath map.

To choose to select the Aftermath map within BGMI, the player must be presented with a screen that allows you to choose Map.

Select Map and then choose Classic >>Unrankedthen download the Aftermath Map.

Once the map is downloaded, click on the Aftermath map and start Matchmaking.

 When the map is displayed on the screen, you’ll have to go to the locations were highlighted by us in the following photos. 

The Green icon on the map below shows the location of Recall Tower in BGMI.

If you’re interested in completing the “Use the Tower Three Times’ task in BGMI,

I strongly recommend playing with your buddies. 

When you and your buddies reach the area identified above, look for Grenade and other things that will make you lose your Friends.

After finding it, use Grenade or any other item to take out your friends. 

After being knocked out, you’ll have to wait until your friend passes away.

If they die, walk over to Recall Tower and click the Recoil button.

 If you do this, the dead person will come back to life.

The ‘Use Recall Tower Three Times’ BGMI RP mission will be accomplish if you use the Recall Tower feature three times.