BGMI How To Get Space Explorer Set 2022?

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was introduced, Krafton has organized new tournaments and events to entertain millions of fans.

 The most recent BGMI event that was launched by Krafton was Snowland.

 Many people have successfully completed the Snowland event on BGMI and have received the infamous cosmetics dubbed Space Explorer Set.

Have you taken advantage of the Space Explorer Set in BGMI? If the answer is no and you’re looking to know how to obtain this legendary outfit BGMI.

Then you’re in the right place because we have a detailed guide to explain the entire process most simply.

Without further delay, Let’s begin:

How to Find Space Explorer Set Up In BGMI?

Before we discuss the process of getting Space Explorer Set in BGMI, I’ll let you know that the Snowland event is already underway and will continue until January 9th of, 2022.

 There are numerous tasks that players need to complete to earn the assortment of accessories. When you’ve completed all tasks, you’ll receive processed snow that could be utilized to construct snowmen on the map of BGMI, Erangel.

Here are all the missions you must be able to Space Explorer Set in BGMI:

  • You can travel over 3,000 meters in a vehicle today; one snow processed 200 BP
  • Recover up to 200 health one snow processed 200 BP
  • Play for 10 minutes playing the game one snow that has been processed ten silver pieces
  • Revive three team members one processed snow 5 AG cash

To obtain the Space Explorer Set in BGMI, it is necessary to have at least 80 pieces of processed snow.

 After you have collected enough processed snow before the event concludes, you will be awarded an item called the Space Explorer Set.

Here are the benefits and amount of snow processed to get them:

Rewards Processed snow is required

Five classic crate coupon scraps 8

One coupon for a premium crate 20

Five bikes (popularity item) 40

Two vouchers for premium crate 60

Space Explorer Set 80

This is all you have to know to Space Explorer Set in BGMI in 2022.