How to Get Flour-Animal Crossing: New Horizons

 The 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available this week and brings many new additions to the game.

 It includes a variety of new recipes that players can create, many of which use flour as a primary ingredient. 

Flour is among the essential elements in this release; therefore, it’s necessary to be aware of acquiring it.

Updated on January 27th, 2021. Stephen LaGioia: It’s not like this timeless title required it; however, Nintendo has kept the excitement of the delightful Animal Crossing: New Horizons alive with regular updates as well as events and, most notably, the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

The add-on allows players to start new by playing with more items and cosmetics while creating their dream home for vacation, along with schools, restaurants, and hospitals on Lottie’s island.

 In light of this and the value of the flour and wheat, it made sense to update this guide on flour and the best way to obtain it and then water it with additional information.

How to Get Flour in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players can purchase flour from Animal Crossing: New Horizons by combing five wheat.

To obtain grain, players need to buy the Wheat Starts in Leif.

  • They cost just 280 Bells and 1400 bells for 5.


  • He is accessible anytime between 5 am to 10 PM local time.


  • Leif appears only just outside in the Resident Services building every weekBut he could also be always found, but he is also available for permanent Harv’s Island.


  • The second option is to Contact Orville and asks him to take you towards Harv’s Island and be sure that you bring 100,000 bells along.


  • The first time the island has a visit, players need to talk with the Gyroid, which mentions the funds for botany experts, and then give the gift of 100,000 Bells. This is the reason for an appearance by Leif (on the next day), who can now avail his service.


  • Remember, it will only refresh Leif’s stock once each time. Monday, So, if he’s not selling grain can be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players will need to wait until the next update.


  • Update: Using the time travel exploits to jump ahead will no longer be feasible in the wake of the winter update to 2020, as it’s been changed to remove this feature. However, players can return forward in time.


  • It is also possible to have good luck while using the Kapp’n’s boat Tours, as there’s a tiny possibility that the island that they will visit already be a wheat-growing area, but it’s a highly remote possibility.

When players have wheat starts, they will choose a suitable place on their island and then plant the seeds. Make sure you keep them watered to ensure more harvest when they’ve turned into a collectible crop in the course of three or four weeks.

After the first wheat crop has been harvested, players will have two days until the next grain batch to develop from the same wheat starter.

After players have obtained five Wheat bags, they can make either Whole-Wheat Flour or Flour (10 bags) using a kitchen.