Location of the Bird Rune Farm in Elden Ring

Location of the Bird Rune Farm: The Elden Ring Playthrough is a part of the whole thing. You’ll need a lot of it to buy stuff like Spells, Weapons, Armor, and Cookbooks, which are some of the most valuable things. 

You can go through it the usual way and get Runes when the game starts. That will only give you a limited amount of them, and you’ll spend too much time. 

The Bird Rune Farm is in the town of Elden Ring. This guide will show you how to get there.

Bird Rune Farm Location in Elden Ring

The Bird Rune Farm is at Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring, Wales. One way to get there and you can’t walk to it. 

It’s possible that at the start of the game, you would have talked to an NPC named White-Faced Varré. 

In Liurnia, you can find him in the Rose Church, south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After you speak to him, he will move from there.

 In the church’s front door, he’s going to be. Talk to him and say “yes” when he asks you things. 

A bloody finger will then be given to you. With these Festering Bloody Fingers, try to invade at least three times. 

To start the 3, you don’t have to win them. After you have done the invasions, you must go back to the Rose Church and talk to White-Faced Varré again to get the reward.

He will like you and give you a Lord of Blood’s Favor. It is a piece of cloth that you need to soak in Maiden’s Blood before using it. 

It’s easy to do this. You can go to the Church of Inhibition and talk to the Maiden there to do this.

 After you have soaked the cloth, go back to White-Faced Varré and now speak to him about the fabric. 

A Pureblood Knight’s Medal will then be given to you by him after that. Use the Medal right away, and you will be able to go to Mohgwyn Palace.

 Now, run around the Edge of the Map clockwise until you get to the Southside and find a Place of Grace. Do this until you get there.

And that’s about it. Across the cliff, you will find a vast bird-like monster that looks like it.

 Once you shoot it with a Bow or a Spell, it will run toward you. You are far away from the bird, which can’t fly. 

You’ll get about 13K Runes for it when it falls. Repeat the process of going back to the Grace. 

If you want, you can also kill the enemies near you to get a lot of Runes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bird Rune Farm in Elden Ring.