How to see FPS in PUBG PC?

 See FPS in PUBG PC: FPS plays a significant role in your overall gaming experience. 

Although 60 FPS is thought to be the minimum to ensure optimal performance in games, many players can get by with 30 FPS. 

Many gamers have limitations in playing devices, and their FPS will suffer. 

Are you curious about how you can determine your FPS on a PUBG PC? 

Let us know in the following paragraphs.

How Do I Show FPS On PUBG PC?

Two ways to view FPS on the PUBG PC. One method is direct via the PC, while the other is via Steam. 

Players can choose the one most suitable for their needs. 

We will go over both methods further below.


  • Visit Steam and go to settings.
  • Choose the game’s tab in-game.
  • Players will also see an option in the game FPS counter.
  • The drop-down menu will let you click from the drop menu click.
  • The players will view the FPS score when playing the game on a PC.

Windows PC

  • Press simultaneously Windows+G to start Games Bar.
  • This will open an FPS bar. The FPS panel will be found within the floating Performance widget on the left bottom.
  • If users can’t get the Performance widget, they must select the menu button and then manually choose Performance. This will show the Performance widget in its proper location.
  • Click on the FPS option in the performance box.
  • Players will receive a message telling them, “You require an increased Users Account Control access to gain FPS information. Request access, then restart your PC to allow the changes to be in effect.” The players have to follow the directions to check the FPS of their PUBG PC.
    • Select Request Access to continue.
    • Agree to Accept the User Account Control request after having read it.
    • Next, reboot the computer. This is vital to get the feature functioning effectively.
    • Once the PC is restarted, players can open the PUBG PC and launch the game Bar.
    • It should reflect the player’s FPS and their GPU, CPU VRAM, RAM, and CPU use.
    • The players can pin the Performance bar to see their FPS readings throughout the day. Additionally, users can alter the Performance Bar as per their preferences.
  • After pinning, the Performance Bar will always be visible until the player decides to remove it.

This is the way players be able to see FPS on PUBG PC.