How To Get To Rose Church in Elden Ring?

Get To Rose Church: If you play Elden Ring, you can explore an enormous open world. This is the game’s best work. 

There is a good chance that George R. R. Martin’s work with other people played a role in it, and the experience is surreal. 

While I love many things about this game, my favorite parts are its vast open world and the NPCs who wander around.

 Rose Church is where you will see the White-faced, Varre. Then, before you can start his questline, you will have to talk to him at the Church. So, here’s our guide on how to get to Rose Church in Elden Ring so that you can go there.

Elden Ring Rose Church Location

The Rose Church is near the Lakes of Liurnia. It is to the northwest of the Limgrave and south of the Raya Lucaria  Academy.

When you get to the Lakes of Liurnia, you’ll have to go through the marshes to get there.

Go through the marshes in the southwest direction to get there.

As you move on, you might come across some Albinaurics. Defeat them or keep going.

It’s also possible to run into the Sanguine Noble, usually found in the middle of the Church and starts there.

You will come across a small island during your journey through the marshes. Go into the Rose Church.

There’s not much to do in this place except start the quest for Varre.

Talk to the White-faced Varre when you get outside.

When you talk to Varre, he might give you the Festering Bloody Finger, which can be used to invade other places.

You can pick up Bloodroses and the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook as you go around the Rose Church area of the game.