Elden Ring: How to Find the Item in the Waypoint Ruins

Find the Item in the Waypoint Ruins: Elden Ring has a lot of items spread out across its beautiful open world. Many of them are just out of the player’s reach to make them want to explore.

 With the addition of Torrent, Elden Ring‘s magical mount, and a jump button, FromSoftware has been more imaginative with its verticality.

 Many hidden items have been placed above and below the player. One of these items can be found in the Waypoint Ruins in Western Limgrave, the first part of the map. 

Find and get the rare crafting item that will help you on your way with this guide.

Where to find the Item

There are two places where this item can be found: Waypoint Ruins have located east-northeast of “The First Step” Site of Grace, which can be seen when the player leaves the start area, and southwest of Mistwood Ruins.

 It’s on a dead body on top of the ruins, in a corner near the Giant Poison Flower.

Defeating the Flowers

There are many things that players need to do before they can get to the rest of the game. 

Each creature has a move called Area of Effect that can poison the player, slowly taking away their health. 

To make the fight easier, players can use a particular item and spell to get rid of the poison.

 Poison attacks are pronounced, as the Flowers will slowly lean back before lunging forward, giving the player time to dodge and attack from behind.

The Giant Poison Flower has a bigger AoE and squashes its body down before spraying poison in an area around it. 

This gives the player time to back off and attack from a distance if possible. 

When the Giant Flower is in bloom, it will also call up pillars of light from the sky. 

These pillars of light are shown by drops of white light rising from the ground. 

To avoid being hit by the beams when this happens, move away from the area of light.

Pyromancers will have an advantage here, depending on the weather. All the plants are vulnerable to fire, which can remove poison. 

This means that pyromancers will have an advantage here, depending on the weather,

Getting the Item

Players may notice that the ruins on which the item is sitting have a corner leading to a ledge closer to the ground.

 The Tarnished can’t jump high enough to reach it, so summon Torrent with the Spectral Steed Whistle and line him up with the ledge (this is more easily done with an analog controller).

Start going up and use Torrent’s double jump to get there to get to the item.

 Players shouldn’t have to move or adjust the camera if they line up Torrent correctly. 

If Torrent’s double jump sends him forward enough, he won’t go too far.

He should get off when he reaches the top and not move, even if there isn’t enough room for him to stand on the ledge.

 It doesn’t matter if people fall or miss the jump. You can always start over and try to line Torrent up again.

The item is 4 Trina’s Lilies, which can make Sleep Pots after getting Fevor’s Cookbook (1).