How To Solve The Prophecy Painting Puzzle in Elden Ring

Solve The Prophecy Painting Puzzle : Elden Ring is a hidden treasure trove that hides behind various other secrets. 

It also employs multiple new gameplay mechanics that hide the game’s most valuable assets within these locations.

 In The Lands Between, players can find numerous paintings depicting an artist’s perspective of a particular area. 

The Elden Ringpuzzles aren’t easy to solve, particularly in the case of not having done a lot of research.

To complete one of these puzzles in painting, participants have to find the place where the artist created the artwork.

 When analyzing a painting, it is possible to identify essential landmarks that can help identify the source of the painting. 

This Prophecy Painting depicts Elden Ring‘s iconic Stormveil Castle with an impressive cliff and a large waterfall. 

The painting hints at its far-off solution in the waters of the south.

Look For The Painting Near The Stormveil Courtyard Ogre

To locate the Prophecy Painting in the first location, head to Stormveil Castle’s upper courtyard. 

It’s accessible via the main gate, by going across the courtyard’s first to the second one, and from Secluded Cell Site of Lost Grace by turning left after the Troll and then continuing to the Ogre ahead along the pathway.

The Prophecy Painting is found in the side room connected to the courtyard, close to an Ogre who is not afraid to pursue you into the courtyard when you attempt to escape the battle.

 You can wander around the perimeter of the courtyard in search of it. Prophecy Painting, but be sure to utilize spells such as The Assassin’s Approach and Darkness to ensure that the mighty force does not see you of Godrick Soldiers.

Solution To Prophecy Painting Puzzle

Once you’ve “acquired” the Prophecy Painting, You can view the image anytime by going to the upper-right corner in the Inventory, where it’s displayed with your notes. 

It is necessary to travel through the Weeping Peninsula to the south from Limgrave principal to make your journey to the northernmost point in the Province. 

The most convenient way to reach the peninsula is to travel down south from the Bridge of Sacrifices Site of Lost Grace, turn northwest at the fork, then continue through The Demi-Human Forest until you ascend to the cliffs that rise above.

Go to the edge on the northern edge of the cliffs, and gaze towards Stormveil Castle to line up the shot. 

When you locate exactly where the painting was made from, your spirit of the artist rewards you with Warhawk Ashes.

 Do you remember the birds with swords instead of feet that are a part of the Stormveil Castle experience? Then, you can summon one of your own with its speed and speed and make it a perfect ally.