Valkyrie Elysium Sets Release Date for 2022

Square Enix’s new action role-playing game Valkyrie Elysium looks to be coming at just the right moment for longtime followers of the Valkyrie Profile series.

Due to Valkyrie Elysium trademark applications being made as early as February 2022, the title has remained on the periphery of the series’ fandom and community.

Square Enix has now announced the Valkyrie Elysium release dates for each platform.

Hardcore fans probably believe it is time for Square Enix to concentrate on the Valkyrie series.

The most recent game to be produced was Valkyrie Anatomia, an Android and iOS mobile role-playing game originally made available in Japan in 2016 before becoming global in 2019.

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Unfortunately, the game’s mobile services were discontinued in 2021, which probably disappointed fans of Valkyrie Profile and made them sense the series’ absence from the current gaming landscape.

Square Enix presented a brand-new promo film on their official YouTube account to formally confirm the Valkyrie Elysium release date.

The video’s description box states that consoles will get the game first. Accordingly, Valkyrie Elysium will be available for purchase on September 29, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and on November 12, 2022, for Steam users.

It is not unexpected for Square Enix to return to its origins and offer Valkyrie Elysium only for PlayStation, even if it is just for a brief period, given that the very first Valkyrie Profile game was launched exclusively for the original PlayStation machine.

The new information revealed in the Valkyrie Elysium video should please fans. The plot of the game has been partially disclosed, especially about the dark-armoured warrior who appeared after the game’s first video.

This character goes by the moniker “Fenrir,” as seen in the video. Additionally, certain NPCs that the Valkyrie will meet on her trip will be presented to the players.

These NPCs will be able to fight alongside the main character in the role of Einherjar, providing gamers with a preview of the fighting system and pace.

This is particularly important since the clip features bosses and enemies players will have to defeat Bloodborne, and Elden Ring heavily influences that.

Valkyrie Elysium’s release date is only three months; thus, Square Enix will probably divulge additional details soon.

The notion of playing another game in the Valkyrie Profile series is undoubtedly quite exciting for fans.