Playground Games Co-Founder Leaving Forza Horizon 5

Director of the studio and co-founder of Playground Games, Gavin Raeburn, announced that he’s leaving Playground Games.

As first published through Windows Central.

And he has admitted that following his co-founding and working for Playground during 12 years of his time, the company is resigning from the track.

The announcement comes just about two months after, the studio launched its most popular game to date in Forza Horizon 5,  which is at the time of its release, and also had the most significant release of an Xbox Game Studios game since ever.

“After 12 years of work in five award-winning Forza Horizon titles, Gavin Raeburn is leaving Playground Games as studio director,” Turn 10 Studio Head and Forza franchise head Alan Hartman told Windows Central

“A founding player of Playground Games, we thank Gav for his leadership and contribution to the Forza franchise. We wish Gavin the very best.”

Hartman stated that an additional Playground co-founder and founder of the company, Trevor Williams, will change from General Manager to Studio Head effective immediately, taking over the role from Raeburn.

 Hartman also stated that the Studio would remain focused on improvements to Forza Horizon 5 and continuing development for its Fable reboot that was made public in 2020.

As reported in Windows Central, Raeburn has a long experience within the racing industry working for Codemasters’ TOCA series, Dirt and Grid. 

He quit Codemasters and joined Playground Games in 2009. start Playground Games, which Microsoft purchased in 2018.

There’s not much information about how things will go with Raeburn and if playing in the games.

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