Nvidia Shuts down Production of the Six-Month-Old 12 GB RTX 3080

Nvidia Shuts down Production of the Six-Month-Old 12 GB RTX 3080: The release of the next generation of graphics cards is imminent, and companies like Nvidia and AMD are getting ready to introduce their new products in the coming months.

That doesn’t mean that new models of current-generation hardware won’t be made accessible.

There will still be plenty of opportunities to buy Ampere or RDNA 2 devices, supply permitting, given Intel hasn’t wholly released their Arc Desktop GPUs.

However, there’s a risk that team green may stop making one of its 30-series cards before the publication of Ada Lovelace.

According to a rumor spread by Twitter user MEGAsizeGPU and picked up by multiple other sites, that is the case.

The tweet was sent in response to a user who tweeted their happiness at receiving an Nvidia RTX 3080 12 GB, a card that was released in January.

I Leak VN was fortunate to get this GPU, according to MEGAsizeGPU, since the manufacturer is said to have halted manufacturing of this and only this specific piece of hardware.

The rumor claims that the 3080 12 GB currently costs the same as the 3080 Ti, despite the latter providing more performance than the former due to the sharp decline in graphics card pricing.

It should be noted that the information being shared on Twitter is just a rumor, and team green has not released any official statements on whether or not the 12 GB version of this Ampere card is no longer manufactured.

A few months ago, Nvidia also unveiled the RTX 3080 12 GB, with the GPU arriving in January.

The fact that the corporation is ready to cease developing it before the 40-series is out while still making other devices in the Ampere range may look strange in light of this.

But if what MEGAsizeGPU claims is accurate, it would make sense to stop selling a device that costs the same as an ostensibly better one. I’m hoping Nvidia will acknowledge this at some time.

Making way for the next generation at these tech behemoths wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

As AMD prepares its RDNA 3 cards, older hardware could be left behind, and Nvidia hopes to release Lovelace this September.

However, it does not imply that GPUs of the present generation will vanish overnight. Since the next generation of technology will probably be very costly when it launches, there will be more than enough individuals who will desire an Ampere, RDNA 2, or perhaps an Arc graphics card.