Microsoft reveals a new Xbox Stereo Headset

Microsoft announced Thursday a new gaming headset via its Xbox Wire news blog. The Xbox Stereo Headset, an entry-level headset, is designed to provide an immersive experience at an affordable price.

It features a lightweight, flexible design and an adjustable height. Headband and plump ear pillows that fit comfortably on the head of a gamer.

All of these are great features for long gaming sessions.
You can also control volume and mute via the headset’s ear controls.

However, you can connect to your Xbox Wireless Controller using the 3.5mm audio connector.

Microsoft new Xbox Stereo Headset

It’s Compatible with the Xbox Series X, Series S, and Series X consoles, as well as the Xbox One of the previous generation and Windows 10 computers.

The 3.5mm audio connector allows it to work with other devices.
Stereo Headsets support “high-fidelity spatial sound technology.”
These include Windows Sonic, Dolby atmos, and DTA headphones: X.

However, Microsoft stated that it strives to ensure the highest audio quality possible By providing “clean, high-frequency mid-[and] high-frequency performance with strong Bass.”

Users may have to make additional purchases or download other apps to use these spatial technologies.

Xbox didn’t provide any details about the microphone’s performance or the unique technology that it uses. The blog only mentions “clear microphone performance.”

Pre-Order the Xbox Stereo Headset for $59.99. The headset will be available for purchase starting September 21.