DICE reveals Next Step of Battlefield 2042: Season One

DICE reveals Next Step of Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 did not have the most significant launch. 

There were a lot of issues with the modifications in the combat system and glitches, framerate decreases and a host of other problems. 

The game will see improvements over the coming months, as DICE has released what you can anticipate in Season One.

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When does Will Battlefield 2024 Season One start?

In a blog post on ea.com, Senior Producer Ryan McArthur shared that they were forced to delay season One until the middle of the summer. 

McArthur says this “gives us time to concentrate on improving the Battlefield 2042 experience while finalizing the creation of the content for our season to ensure that it meets the standards we set for quality.”

While we wait, we will add various options to the games. One of the most sought-after features of all is the voice chat feature. 

DICE plans to add the part but hasn’t provided the exact date.

DICE is also planning to make changes in the way the scoreboard operates. 

Reports on K/D and end of Round pieces will be available to players shortly.

As Season One begins, it will mark the beginning of the year with four seasons.

Each season will include an entirely new Specialist and a new map location. 

The players who bought year one pass Year 1 Pass can expect to receive a bundle that includes additional content, including the Specialist skin, once the next update for the game is released.

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