Microsoft Edge Browser Brings Xbox Cloud Gaming to Steam Deck

Microsoft and Valve have worked together to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass to the recently released Steam Deck, a handheld gaming console that lets you play games.

Besides playing games made by Xbox Game Studios that can run on the Steam Deck, users will be able to stream Xbox Game Pass games through a beta version of Microsoft Edge for the Steam Deck. Let’s look at the small things.

Thanks to the company, thanks to the company, gaming from Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud can now be played on the Steam Deck.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) support for Valve’s Steam Deck console has been added to Microsoft Edge Beta, according to a Reddit post by a Microsoft Edge Community Manager, Missy Quarry.

She said the company worked closely with Valve and the Xbox Cloud Gaming team to make this happen. The news was confirmed by Catherine Gluckstein, the Head of Product and Strategy at Xbox Cloud Gaming, who tweeted about the news.

Microsoft has set up a support page for people who want to use the Linux version of Microsoft Edge Beta on their Steam Deck. The page has detailed instructions on installing Edge Beta and setting up the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

After setting up their accounts, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service will let people play Xbox Game Pass games on their Steam Deck consoles.

The Linux version of Microsoft Edge also now has Steam Deck controls that you can find in the Discover Software Center section of SteamOS.

You can find them there. So now, people can play games like Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and more that run natively on the Steam Deck and many Xbox Game Pass games on their phones and tablets.

Valve recently released the drivers needed to run Windows 10 on its portable gaming console as a bonus.

So, if you don’t want to use the Microsoft Edge Beta to get Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can move your device to the Windows platform instead. There is a new Xbox Cloud Gaming on Steam Deck.

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