Android 13 will alert users to apps that use too much background battery

Android 13 will alert users to apps that use too much background battery: Developers can now get their hands on the second version of Google’s Android 13 operating system, called Android 13.

DP2 has many new features, like notification permissions and Bluetooth LE audio support, that will be available to users when the company officially releases the next version of Android.

So the Android 13 operating system also has a feature that tells people when apps are taking too much battery power while they’re running in the background.

According to Google, Android 13 has a system notification that shows up when your app uses battery power over a day. As long as your app shows a notification with a foreground service, the system will keep track of how much battery your app is using and show the notification only if your app is still using a lot of battery.

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Some apps and situations need to run in the background, so Google has made some exceptions for these apps and situations. System apps and system-bound apps, apps that run on a device with companion apps, apps that run in Demo Mode on a device, apps that stay on a device, apps with the ROLE DIALER role, and apps that the user has chosen to have “unrestricted” functionality in the system settings.

Before, Google has always worked to improve the battery life of its Android OS. With the release of Android 8 Oreo, the company said the same thing.

However, in the case of Android 13, alerts are less annoying because they show up only once every 24 hours, which makes them less annoying.