MIUI 14, based on Android 13, emerges on codebase, to launch soon

The Android 13 is anticipated to be on sale sometime in August 2022. In the following months, Xiaomi is also expected to release its MIUI 14 skin, based on Android 13.

The MIUI 14 moniker has already been exposed on the codebase, and a recent report from Xiaomi has confirmed that it is compatible with Xiaomi 13 series handsets.

The codebase has been discovered to have the MIUI 14 branding, as seen in the picture above. To sum up, the code above aims to do the following: If the Xiaomi 13 (the smartphone with the new codename) has MIUI 14 or a later version, the STK (SIM Toolkit) icon is shown on the user interface. Said, this code checks for MIUI 14 in the system app.

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The MIUI 14 is slated to debut in the following “nuwa” and “fuxi” smartphones, which are scheduled to go on sale in November, according to the report, which suggests that it may be formally introduced in August.

Furthermore, according to current reports, the codenames for the future Xiaomi 13 series smartphones are “nuwa” and “fuxi.” This makes logical sense. Xiaomi released the MIUI 13 with the Xiaomi 12 series in December 2021.

According to the report, when MIUI 14 is released, Xiaomi may discontinue providing software support for the Mi 10 smartphone.

This is just a guess, however, since Xiaomi ceased providing software updates for the Mi 9 when MIUI 13 was released last year.