WhatsApp is testing a new document-sharing ETA feature and drawing tools.

Late last month, we saw WhatsApp try out the ability to send media files of up to 2GB in size in Argentina, and it worked well. In addition to this, the Meta-owned messaging platform is now testing a new file transfer feature that will show you how long it will take to upload the file you are sharing with someone. This feature will show you how long it will take to upload the file. Let’s look at the small things.

WhatsApp will soon show how long it takes to send a file.

A well-known WhatsApp beta tracker recently found the file transfer feature called WABetaInfo. It is said that a new document-sharing ETA feature is coming out. It will show how long and how much time is left to send a file to a recipient.

On the WhatsApp beta for Android (v2.22.8.11), iOS (v22.8.0.74), and desktop (v2.2209.3), the feature was seen. Some beta testers have already seen it on their phones.

New drawing tools are also being tested by WhatsApp so that users can make changes to images on the platform before they send them to their friends and family. If you open a picture on WhatsApp and tap the pencil tool, you only get one pencil tool to draw on the image.

However, with the new update, users will get two new pencils for drawing and the ability to blur out text or objects in an image that the sender doesn’t want the person who receives the message to see.

For now, WhatsApp is testing the new drawing tools on iOS beta version, and they’re being sent out to a few beta testers at a time. 

There’s no word on when it will be available to everyone, but this could happen soon. So, keep an eye out for more information about these new WhatsApp tools.