Lost Ark: How to Fill a Specialty Gauge

Specialty Gauge In Lost Ark: The latest ARPG is inspired by Diablo and uses many of the same mechanics and systems that are familiar to players. So here’s what to do if you don’t know how to fill your specialty gauge in Lost Ark.

How to fill the Specialty Gauge in Lost Ark

The Mysterious Magick Meter is the specialty gauge in Lost Ark. It will be displayed in the middle of the hot bar at the bottom of your screen, regardless of what character class you choose to play.


This gauge will fill up as you defeat enemies or create chain combinations with your skills. We have found that using multiple attacks to charge is more effective than just repeating the same one.


The Mysterious Magick Meter won’t charge while you are in Magick Enhanced State, Arcane Torrent State, or Magick Enhanced State. The Mysterious Magick Meter won’t charge.


  1. You can fill the Mysterious Magick meter by attacking your enemies repeatedly. You can charge it faster by using different attacks.
  2. After it is complete, press Z/X to activate its two abilities.


You will get different bonuses depending on your class. For example, the sorceress can activate her Blink ability by pressing Z. These skills are different from standard character skills. You can read more.


This should cover everything you need to know and fill the unique gauge in Lost Ark.