Location Guide For The Elden Ring Red Wolf Of Radagon.

Location Guide For The Elden Ring Red Wolf Of Radagon: No, the Red Wolf of Radagon is not a Boss you can choose to fight. Everyone has to fight it as they try to get through the game.

 This boss is hidden away in a room in the Raya Lucaria Academy, but you can still see him. 

To move forward, you must defeat the Boss. It would help if you found the Boss to do this, but it may be hard to find. 

The Red Wolf of Radagon lives in Elden Ring. In this guide, I will show you where he lives.

Red Wolf of Radagon Location in Elden Ring

This is where the Red Wolf of Radagon lives. It’s inside the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is in the middle of Elden Ring. 

To get to the boss, you first need to get into the Raya Lucaria Academy, where the boss is. 

To do that, you will need a Glintstone Key from the Academy. As soon as you get in, you should activate the Site of Grace there so that you can get to it quickly in the future.

 Now, take the elevator and go up to the top floor. At the top, you are run down the bridge and into the church. 

Then go left on the outside path. Make your way down and over the bridge. 

A Corridor can be found after you cross the bridge. Keep going on the path until you reach it.

The Gears & Cogs have a Belt that will take you to a higher place when you get to the other side of the corridor. 

This is what you should do. You will find yourself in a cave path. You will have to go through it to get to a staircase on the other side. Find a Place of Grace by going up to it. 

From the Grace, make a right and go through the rest. You come to a junction, so take a right from there and keep going until you do. 

Then, climb up the staircase and then climb up another staircase that is right next to you. 

At the top, there is a Fog Wall. In Elden Ring, there is a place where the Red Wolf of Radagon, who is the boss there, fights people. 

Do not be afraid. Just get in and beat the boss. Make sure you pay attention because there are enemies around every corner on this trip.