How To Use Festering Bloody Finger in Elden Ring?

Use Festering Bloody Finger in Elden Ring: It’s pretty easy to play multiplayer in Elden Ring. You can either attack or be attacked. 

You can call other players or be called by other players for invasions. But because of the game’s mystical mechanics, you need to use an item that more than one person can use.

 The host of the fingers, which is the person you are invading, must be killed before you can get into their world. 

Elden Ring has a bloody finger that can be used. This is our guide on how to use it.

How to Use Festering Bloody Finger in Elden Ring?

Festering Bloody Finger is a multiplayer item that lets players go into other players’ worlds and play with them.

You can use one finger with a lot of blood on it for an attack.

As you use this item, you’ll start to show up in the world of the player who is invading.

It’s your only goal when you get to their world. Once you do, you have to kill the Host of the fingers of that world.

The Taunter’s tongue must be worn by other players for you to enter their games.

Another feature of Festering Bloody Finger is sending messages to other people who play.

Rune arcs are given to you when you finish an invasion. They can be used to equip a Great Rune.

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How to Get Festering Bloody Finger?

Festering Bloody Finger can be found in all places and quests shown below.

You can get the Festering Bloody Finger from the Nomadic Merchant in exchange for money. He is in the East of Limgrave.

Take a look at Twin Maiden Husks, which are in the Roundtable Hold. 

After you give them Patches Bell Bearing, you can buy it from them, as long as you pay them.

Patches can be bought from the Patches Merchant at the Murkwater Cave.

You can buy more than 10 Bloody Festering Fingers from the Imprisoned Merchant at the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, who sells them for a fee.

There is a White-faced Varre at the Rose Church. You can get it when you finish talking to him.