How to get and use the Stonesword Key in Elden Ring

Stonesword Key: The world of Elden Ring is one of the largest and most impressive that From Software has ever made. 

It’s hard to believe how much there is to do and see in the huge open world. There are a lot of secrets and hidden areas that are just waiting to be found.

 But some of these areas are hidden behind gates and other barriers that aren’t open to the public.

In Elden Ring, players will come across elevators, mist walls, doors, and other things requiring a Stonesword Key.

These things all need to be opened with this key. To get into these areas, players must put the key into the Imp Statues. 

But where can people get these Stonesword Keys? A look at where these useful (and rare) items are and where players might be able to use them.

Where To Find Stonesword Keys In Elden Ring

In many ways, Stonesword Keys are found. One is to look for them when you’re looking for them. 

Stonesword Keys can be found almost anywhere, but they’re usually found on the bodies of dead soldiers and other NPCs.

 Players who are always looking around will usually find a few of these keys because they are curious. 

It would help if you looked in every possible place in a given area for Stonesword Keys because they can be hidden behind walls that aren’t real, behind broken things, or at the ends of platforming sections.

Visit the Stormhill Shack early in the game, and you’ll be able to find one Stonesword Key. 

There is a body near the Site of Grace, sitting and leaning against the wall of an old house. 

The Stonesword Key will be found if you search this body. There are a lot of these items to find around Elden Ring. 

Players will need to get as many of them as possible if they want to get to all the hidden areas behind gates, lifts, and walls.

What Are Stonesword Keys Used For?

Stonesword Keys are used to getting into places that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

These areas can have a lot of different things in them, from powerful items to upgrade materials to bosses and everything else in between, so be sure to look around. 

They might even open shortcuts or whole new areas to explore. Keep an eye out for them! Stone Imp Statues are a clear sign that a Stonesword Key is needed to move on in the game.

After leaving the tutorial area, those who want to use a Stonesword Key early in the game will get their first chance. 

If they look, they’ll see a large misty wall that’s blocking the entrance to what looks like a pit, with a stone imp statue in front. 

This Imp Statue will already have a Stonesword Key in its bottom head, which means it will finally need another key to open the wall.

Players who give the statue a key will be able to enter a completely new area that goes far underground and has a lot of loot and a hard-to-beat boss.

Some Imp Statues require more than one key to open. Players will be able to tell how many keys are needed by how many Imp Heads there are and if they have sword hilts sticking out of their foreheads, which shows how many keys are needed.