Fortnite: Rave Cave Tover Token Locations

Fortnite: Rave Cave Tover Token Locations: To get the Pimento Head modification for their Snap skins in Fortnite, players must first locate three Tover Tokens in Rave Cave. 

However, because of the intricacy of this area, finding all of these Tokens may be challenging, and some fans may need some guidance. 

That’s precisely what this tutorial will teach you, and gamers who follow it will have no problem getting Rave Cave Tover Tokens in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Rave Cave Tover Token Locations

The initial step for players working on this Snap Quest should be to go to Rave Cave, located west of the map’s centre, and board a Baller. 

Ballers are clear spherical vehicles that fans may enter in Fortnite, and there are dozens of them spread about Rave Cave for the inexperienced. 

There are two in the Cuddle Team Leader’s gigantic head, two on the multicolour building’s deck east of the head, and two in the cave south of the head.

Regardless of whose Baller a player commandeers, once they have the vehicle, they should make their way to the top of the Cuddle Team Leader’s head. 

Fans should use the trail that runs southward from the head of this location. As players exit from the east side, they will run into the first Tower Token on the track, which loops around to the head’s bottom part.

As the music bends and swirls, fans should continue to follow it. Players who follow this advice will soon find themselves travelling into an aeroplane’s fuselage, where they will encounter the second Tover Token. 

While fans should be able to get this Tower Token in Fortnite without any further help, they may try leaping with the Baller if they don’t see it while riding on the track.

Players have two Tokens in hand and are ready to acquire the third, which is a pretty straightforward task. 

Fortnite players that stay in their Ballers and continue on the track will eventually reach an inner region, where they will encounter the third Tover Token before exiting. 

This implies that if players put in some preparatory work and earn a Baller, they may accomplish the Rave Cave Snap Quest in its entirety without doing anything.