How to Use Magic in Elden Ring? 

Use Magic in Elden Ring: Elden Ring is a challenging game to play, but it is worth it. Because the enemies and bosses can be hard to deal with, it can be hard to play the game. Sometimes can’t use normal weapons to help us. 

Because the game lets you use magic. Separate from physical moves, magic is a way to fight. It can be used with physical moves. 

But how can we use Magic? Because my spells don’t work. There are many ways to use Magic in the game Elden Ring. I’ll show you how to do that in this guide.

The way to use magic in the Elden Ring

Magic in Elden Ring can be broken down into Sorcery and Incantation. Sorcery and Incantation both call on a mighty Dark Arts power. 

Offensive: They can either be offensive or defensive or support the team. When you use Sorcery or Incantation, the spell will take away from your FP Bar. 

Make sure you have enough FP to cast that spell. Each one is like the other, but they both need different things to work. 

To do a Sorcery Spell, you will need to have a Staff with you. When you want to do an Incantation Spell, you’ll need to have a Sacred Seal with you.

Each type of magic requires the player to be at a certain level and have specific skills. This is how it works: Sorcery is based on Intelligence, and Incantation is based on Faith, so both use these stats. 

These stats will help your Spells do more damage. Mind and Arcane are two other stats that you should keep an eye on. A high mind stat means you will have more FP. Many spells don’t use arcane, but some of them do use it.

To use a Magic Spell in Elden Ring, you will need to have the Staff or the Sacred Seal on you. That’s all for now. You’ll then have to choose a Spell from your Memory and attack like you would with a Sword.

 To put on Spells, you’ll need to go to a Site of Grace and do things with it. It should be in the Menu for Memorize Spells to show up. 

You can choose the Spells and Incantations that you have learned, bought, or found when you click on them. After a certain point, you can’t use Magic in Elden Ring. Keep an eye on your stats and FP.

This was all about using Magic in Elden Ring, so The hope is that this guide has helped you, but I’m not sure.