Kohl’s Credit Card 2022 Review: Is It for You?

Kohl’s is undoubtedly one of the most familiar American department store retail chains due to the number of its store locations. It operates all over the US (except Hawaii) and even beat J. C. Penney as the largest US department store chain back in 2012. And with countless store loyalists the chain has, it is no wonder why it is offering a credit card. However, is the Kohl’s credit card worth it? Would it make your shopping experience more enjoyable? Or would it only make your financial planning more complicated? Check out the collective view of our finance experts about it.

Kohl's Credit Card

Kohl’s Credit Card

Intro Bonus: 35% Off

Regular APR: 25.99% (Variable)

Credit Score: 640+

Annual Fee: $0


  • The reward system of the card relies greatly on coupons and discounts.
  • New card owners will receive 35% off on their first purchases and another 15%-off coupon that will arrive in the mail together with the card.
  • The Yes2You Rewards program converts 100 points into $5.
  • Card users receive a $10 Kohl’s Cash coupon for every $50 spent.
  • The card will be upgraded to Most Valued Customer status after reaching the $600 spending requirement.
  • The coupons do not apply to Kohl’s exclusion list items.

Kohl’s Credit Card Full Review:

Kohl’s Charge is a closed-loop card like Old Navy Credit Card and Victoria’s Secret Credit Card. This will only benefit store loyalists who frequently shop at the said chain.

Getting it is as easy as the other retail store credit cards. Besides the $0 annual fees, the credit score requirement is not as strict as the other regular cards in the market. You only need a fair credit score of at least 640+ to qualify, and the chain’s website offers a prequalification test without impact on your credit score.

Kohl’s credit card is issued by Capital One, but unlike other store credit cards, this CC is designed differently in terms of rewards. Compared to the cashback of other cards, Kohl’s credit card significantly highlights the use of discount coupons that will directly diminish your expenses as you purchase some of its products.

kohl's credit card welcome bonus

The Kohl’s credit card helps you get 35% off on your first purchases.

This starts with the card’s introductory bonus in the form of 35% off on your first purchases. This is only valid within 14 days of credit approval, but the fact that you can use it right away without meeting a spending requirement is tremendous. If you plan to buy in bulk, this discount will even earn more value. As a plus, you will get another 15%-off coupon when your card arrives in the mail.

On the contrary, Kohl’s credit card is not the most generous regarding rewards points. Whether you are a user or a non-user of Kohl’s credit cards, the Yes2You Rewards program will provide the same 1 point for every dollar spent, and you need a total of 100 points to redeem $5. It is a good thing for everyone, but for those who made an effort to apply for the card, it can be a bit dismaying not to have a boost in their point earning. Thankfully, the chain compensates in other ways by offering credit card users the Kohl’s Cash program and countless coupons.

Kohl’s Cash program works by rewarding individuals a $10 Kohl’s Cash coupon for every $50 they spend. Another perk is the 15%, 20%, or 30% off coupons periodically distributed to card owners via mail. They can also be sent and stored on Kohl’s Wallet,w which is an app that will serve as your primary tool in managing your card expenses and rewards. It will help you easily keep track of various offers and coupons available and check when to use the Kohl’s Cash coupons that are only applicable for specific dates.

kohl's credit card coupon stacking

At Kohl’s, you can combine your rewards to get better discounts.

The best thing about the discount benefits users will receive from Kohl’s is that the Kohl’s Card coupons and Kohl’s Cash can be stacked or combined. With this, Kohl’s fans who have specific shopping strategies and excellent coupon management will certainly figure out the best way to boost the value of each dollar they are spending.

A downside, however, is that not all the coupons and discounts can be used for every product Kohl’s is offering in its stores. Some include the most prominent brands like Sephora, Calvin Klein, Crocs, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, TOMS, select KitchenAid, and more. There are also specific categories where the rewards can’t be applied, like beauty and fragrance, toys, and sporting goods sections. Kohl’s has a long list of exclusion items, so you might want to check on it before applying for its card.

Kohl's credit card most valued customer status

After spending $600, your Kohl’s credit card will be upgraded to “Most Valued Customer” status.

Kohl’s offers a higher tier for its cards once you have reached the $600 spending requirement. After that, your card will be upgraded from the “Valued Customer” status to the “Most Valued Customer” (MVC) status. In this tier, card users will receive more benefits such as monthly free shipping opportunities, a birthday gift, and six additional discount mailings every year.

On the other hand, Kohl’s credit card has a somewhat overwhelming variable APR of up to 25.99%, so there is an utter need for caution when using it. If you pay off your balance in full each month before the due, the card can be an excellent tool to improve your credit situation. However, improper use of it can lead to adverse effects on your credit score and the removal of coupon savings you’ve earned before.

After all the things mentioned, it is crucial to assess if the card is really for you. If you are a responsible card user and a loyal customer of Kohl’s, the discount coupons are enough to deliver good value in each of your purchases. However, if you are not contented with this card due to the lack of versatile reward options and other features, consider a more all-rounder card in the market. Some of them are as those in Discover or Chase offers. And if you are looking for a credit card with a rich reward structure without paying annual fees, we have a plethora of suggestions for you.