Essential Tips for Designing the Best Bathrooms 

blue wooden cabinet near white wall

Every house needs a bathroom that can accommodate its inhabitants efficiently. Bathrooms are spaces where most people find time to start and end their days with their routines. Therefore, these spaces must be functional and aesthetically pleasing. According to realtors, most homebuyers put a premium on bathrooms when they look for a property to acquire. It’s, therefore, necessary for homeowners to ensure that they design the best bathroom possible.

As a homeowner, you must work with reputable contractors to achieve the best bathroom designs at the right price. You can also source necessary resources at walk-in baths Wickes depots to help save on costs and ensure design cohesion.

Here are some tips for designing the best bathrooms.

Define the working budget

You must define your working and contingency budgets before undertaking the project. This will help determine the extent of the project and how extravagant you can go with the bathroom. Work with trusted contractors to help with budgetary projections to determine whether you will upscale or drawback on the project.

Lay out the facility

Work with the contractor to determine where to situate the walk in shower bath, water closet, sink, and other necessary features and accessories. This will help you decide if you want modifications to the design before the project starts. You can also work on the various measurements to make it as accessible and convenient as possible.

Select the right flooring

The flooring must also be looked into when designing a bathroom. Wooden tiles aren’t recommended because they absorb water and moisture. Instead, textured ceramic and stone tiles are among the best options available. Smaller tiles with more grout lines can also make the space safe.

Put a splash of color

If you wish to make the bathroom highly personalized, you can consider adding a splash of color to the walls. You can paint the walls, make a wall mosaic, or use wallpaper to make it unique. You can also hang framed prints and artwork to make the space feel and look luxurious.

Consider ventilation

Install exhaust fans or vents to help wick moisture and water droplets after showers. Another option to increase ventilation is by installing privacy-filmed windows that let natural light in during the daytime.

Illuminate properly 

Don’t forget to install adequate lighting fixtures to illuminate the area properly. Nothing prevents accidents in bathrooms more than having enough lights. You also have the option to install motion-detection light fixtures to elevate the space even more.

Install mirrors

A huge mirror will do wonders to make the space look bigger. You can also attach LED strips behind mirrors to help with illumination, so people won’t have difficulty applying or removing their makeup.

Secure everything

Consider securing everything properly to prevent accidents from happening inside the bathroom. For example, you must ensure that grab bars, cabinet drawers, and other accessories are securely bolted.


You must work with reputable contractors to achieve the best bathroom design possible. You must also consider several factors to ensure that the room will be safe but fully functional.