Is Roblox Down Right Now? Current Server Status 2021

It would be a frustrating situation when you are not able to play your favorite Roblox games due to the servers not working. That is what happens when Roblox is down. The internet then floods with people asking ‘Is Roblox Down?’ on every forum and thread. But, they don’t know how to verify it and feel helpless. If you’ve felt the same, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will tell you if Roblox is down right now along with the methods to verify it. So, the next time you experience any problems while playing games, you can know where the problem lies, at the server’s end or your end.

Is Roblox Down Currently?

Roblox is the biggest and one of the most popular game creation and playing platform. There are millions of users who log in to their account to play games daily. This heavier usage sometimes may result in the servers encountering issues. When this happens, Roblox’s servers may crash and it faces an outage. The entire situation is termed as a ‘server outage.’

Fortunately, Roblox is NOT down right now. It is working perfectly fine. We can log in to our accounts, browse through the platform, and play games. There are unwanted issues and errors appearing. The website, mobile app, Xbox app, Studio, and everything else is operational. Therefore, everything is normal with Roblox.

When was Roblox down the last time?

Roblox server outages are not much common. However, they have become pretty frequent during the whole ‘quarantine and lockdown’ situation when the number of active users have increased rapidly. The last major Roblox down occurred on 20th March 2020, when the servers were not working for more than 2 hours in the USA, UK, and European regions. A lot of users were left confused and tweeted a lot about it.

Roblox also experienced issues on 16-17 June 2020 and 24 June 2020. However, they weren’t major and were not experienced globally. Increased audience base in the last few months and irregular maintenance of the servers have resulted in frequent minor outages recently.

What happens when Roblox is down?

When Roblox is down, the situation is pretty similar when your internet is not working. The only difference is that you’d be able to use everything else, except Roblox. Some of the common things that happen when Roblox is down are listed below. So, the next time you face these, you can get a thought that Roblox might be down and your internet is not the problem.

  • Your attempts to join a game will be unsuccessful. Sometimes, they’ll be delayed with a minute or two.
  • The website, apps, and other platforms will be laggy and may eventually freeze.
  • When you purchase products, there will be a delay in receipt. It may take some time for the product to be applied to your account.

  • You may experience Roblox errors like Error code 277, Error code 260, etc.
  • The loading of websites and apps will be slow.

These are some of the common things. Some users may even experience unusual scenarios. If you have faced any unusual one, make sure you share them with us in the comments.

How to Verify if Roblox is Down?

It is essential to verify if Roblox is actually down and the problem is not with your internet, browser, or device. Or else, you’d feel confused and helpless. So, here are the best ways to use to verify that it is down. You can try any of these whenever you feel like the Roblox servers are experiencing certain issues.

1. Check the Official Roblox Status Page

Roblox has an official ‘Status Checking Page for the players, creators, and other users to see if everything is fine with Roblox. It has the URL address of ‘’ You just need to open a browser on your PC or mobile and visit the page. Then, you’ll know the status of every unit, including website, apps, store, etc. It is updated in real-time so you won’t experience any delays there.

Additionally, you can also check the history of problems that the platform has faced there. So, it is the best way to know if it is running properly or if it is down.

2. Check the Roblox Social Handles

Roblox uses social handles to address their audience and players for all the announcements and notifications. Whenever it faces an issue with the servers, they’ll announce it through their different social networking handles. You just need to follow them and you’ll know about the problem. You can follow Roblox’s official account on these platforms:

Following all these will not only help you to know about outages, but you’ll also know about any contests, challenges, reviews, tutorials, upcoming additions, prizes, and many more.

3. Visit Website Status Check Websites

There are multiple third-party status checker websites available on the internet that can tell you the status of any website or app at any time. You can visit them to know about the current status of Roblox whenever you face any issues despite having a fast internet connection. Here are some of the legit status check websites that you can visit:

Just visit these, search for any website, and you’ll the current as well as the past status of the platform. You can even report the issues you are facing on them. So, others will get to know that they aren’t alone.

Final Take

Roblox outages have become common recently. It could be a frustrating situation when it is down and you are thinking you are doing something wrong. So, to help you, we have provided the most effective methods to verify the outage. Some other ways include checking Twitter and seeing if #RobloxDown is on the trending list, or checking the groups, Reddit threads flooding with similar questions. You can use any of the methods above.

And, you can’t do anything when the service is down. You can just wait and hope that the developers solve the problem as soon as possible. So, your favorite gaming platform can get back up.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. For any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to read from you.