Is Movavi Safe? – Honest Video Editor Review 2021

Movavi is widely known for its efficient Video Editor software. It is a feature-rich and affordable tool that many professionals prefer. However, there are certain individuals who worry that if Movavi is safe. Are you also one of them? If yes, then this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will present to you a very brief review of the Movavi Video Editor. This will help you to figure out if the program is safe for your PC and usage. Along with this, we’ll also check if other Movavi products are safe or not. All of this will clear all your queries and doubts regarding Movavi.

Exploring the Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is a widely popular international development company operating in over 200 countries. Founded in 2004, this company is infamous for its wonderful photo, video, and audio editing programs. Their primary product which is used at the largest scale is the Movavi Video Editor. Apart from this, it has also developed some other very successful products that we’ll discuss in the later sections.

The Movavi Video Editor was launched in 2004. It has more than 5 million active users from all across the globe. The software is especially known for being feature-rich without compromising with ease of usage. It is also among some of the most affordable video editing tools on the internet.

The best part is that it is a full-fledged video editor having multiple functionalities like video editing, screen recording, file conversion, etc but it is nowhere near to be called “complicated.”

Features & Pricing of the Movavi Video Editor

Movavi’s Video Editor is a fine tool for all sorts of videos. It provides a complete set of essential features and tons of additional ones when you are a licensed user. This makes it great for both casual as well as hardcore video editors. You can create both professional, and fun pieces using this feature-rich tool.

Here is a list of key features and highlights of the Movavi Video Editor.

  • Smooth and fast processing of videos.
  • Availability of the webcam to record and edit videos.
  • A comprehensive collection of swift transitions.
  • Many effects and overlays are available to use.
  • Lots of creative and cool filters available in the app.

  • A built-in music collection to use with your videos.
  • You can edit and record the audio of the video smoothly.
  • The user interface is extremely simple yet attractive.
  • It supports 4K videos and doesn’t lag.
  • Available in over 14 languages.
  • Offers effective hardware acceleration.
  • Provides exceptional tutorials for beginners.

Coming to its price, Movavi Video Editor is available for a one-time purchase of license that costs only $39.95 for 1 PC. If you need the Movavi Video Editor Plus, you’ll have to spend a one-time amount of $59.95.

These highlights will help you to figure out why Movavi is a highly recommended name in its industry.

What are the other products offered by Movavi?

Apart from the Video Editor, Movavi is offering a large number of other products and services. Some of its most prominent products are:

  • Photo Editor by Movavi
  • Screen Recorder by Movavi
  • Video Converter by Movavi
  • Photo Focus by Movavi
  • Photo Manager by Movavi
  • Slideshow Maker by Movavi
  • Gecata by Movavi (Game Screen Recorder)
  • Picverse by Movavi (AI-based tool for pictures)
  • PDFChef by Movavi

These tools are widely used by individuals as well as businesses. Many of these have a separate version for businesses with added utilities.

Is Movavi Video Editor Safe to use?

If you need a short answer and trust us, then the Movavi Video Editor is absolutely safe. You can use it without worrying about anything. However, if you are looking for a longer one, here is our detailed analysis that made us believe that this video editor is safe.

We decided to check the Movavi Video Editor and other software using VirusTotal antivirus on a Windows PC. VirusTotal is a reliable antivirus detection tool that reports any threats or risks immediately. Additionally, it allows us to scan multiple software at once. Thus, we decided to use it.

Here are the findings after checking the Movavi Video Editor and other Movavi apps with VirusTotal:

You can clearly see that we didn’t find any threats with any Movavi products. The antivirus reported it as completely clean.

For an additional layer, we further checked the Movavi Video Editor with OPSWAT, which is a virus detection website. OPSWAT uses over 30 antivirus engines to find any risk or threat in any file or URL that you upload. Here are our findings of the Movavi Video Editor with OPSWAT:

This check also went clean. We didn’t find even a single risk, corrupted, or damaged file of Movavi. Therefore, it is completely safe to use it.

Are the other Movavi products & its website safe?

As I have already mentioned that we checked multiple Movavi software using VirusTotal and OPSWAT in the analysis available above, and none of them reported any vulnerabilities. Thus, all the Movavi software is absolutely safe to use.

Coming to the Movavi website, it is completely safe as well. It doesn’t transfer any harmful or risky software to your device. All the software you install through them is safe and secure. It won’t download any files to your device without your knowledge.



Therefore, the Movavi website is also safe to use. This has been proven by multiple reports and studies shown above.

Why do people worry about using Movavi?

There are different areas of concern for different users while using the Movavi Video Editor or software. Some users worry because they have heard the name of the company recently and want to know if it is reliable. While some worry because it is operated by a group of Russian developers.

If you have any of these concerns, then Movavi has already proven you wrong.

Movavi hasn’t suffered any major attacks or hasn’t undergone any fraudulent activities. A lot of people worry about using the apps because they have to upload their private or sensitive pictures and videos. However, that isn’t an area of worry as well. To stay a lot safer, you can try using the video or photo editor offline.

Although the same can’t be said when you are using the pirated version of the app. There are pirated copies of Movavi software available on the web. I don’t recommend using them as they can be very unsafe and risky.

Final Verdict: Should you use Movavi?

Why not? You should definitely use Movavi. All the Movavi products are absolutely safe and secure. You can use them without worrying about anything. However, the safety is certain only when you are using a licensed copy of the software. If you have cracked it using keygen or have downloaded a pirated copy, then you are at your own risk.

We definitely recommend using the Movavi Video Editor to edit and create marvelous videos. The overall rating we’d give it would be 4.3 out of 5.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you and clears the air. Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box.