Custom Promotional Table Covers – the Ultimate Guide

Custom tablecloths are ideal for event managers for brand promotion at product launches, charity events, sports events, community events, and a lot more. They provide great brand exposure because when displayed on the tables, nobody can miss seeing them. A basic guide to selecting and using promotional tablecloths:

What are Promotional Tablecloths?

Event managers and marketers use promotional tablecloths to cover tables at various trade and public events to boost brands exposure. Unlike tablecloths for home use, where the focus is on protecting the table’s surface and lending an aesthetic and ornamental look to the dining table, tablecloths used for promotional purposes typically have the brand logo and slogan displayed prominently. Since businesses like to use them at various events they might be sponsoring or participating in, these covers are made from robust materials that resist wrinkles and are water and stain-resistant. A versatile and cost-effective investment for brands, these covers are available across many price points depending on the size, the kind of printing required, and the material. According to Forbes, brand awareness is critical to sales.

Top Reasons for Using Promotional Tablecloths

Great brand exposure: Since the tables at events like workshops, exhibitions, seminars, product launches, etc. are placed in prominent positions, the tablecloths used to cover them are seen by everyone at the event. With the logo and name of the brand emblazoned on the material, promotional table covers give large and valuable exposure to the brand at a very nominal cost. You can use a promotional tablecloth to attract the attention of the target audience when participating in an event at very little additional cost.

Easy care: Most of the top suppliers of promotional tablecloths use lightweight but robust fabrics. These are usually synthetic, which means that they are water and stain-resistant and do not wrinkle easily despite being rolled up or folded when in storage or during transportation. It means that when you go to an event, you do not have to take any extra effort to make your tablecloths ready for display. Also, even if the fabric gets dirty, it is easy to clean as it can be machine or hand washed to make them look new again. Being made from synthetic materials like polyester, they are ideal even for outdoor use.

High quality of printing: Good quality promotional tablecloths are made from matte polyester fabric, which looks very good and is an excellent material for the dye-sublimation printing method used by the top suppliers. In this method, high-quality graphics are first printed on transfer paper which is then applied to the cloth and heated in such a way that the ink vapors penetrate the fabric and the design transferred so that it does not bleed or fade.


Custom promotional tablecloths are a highly practical, affordable, and effective way of increasing brand awareness at events like fundraisers, church events, product launches, trade shows, seminars and workshops, career fairs, and much more. They are easy to design and print, and with just a little care, last for a very long time. What’s more, they are easy to transport and can be put and taken down in a matter of minutes, making them extremely versatile.