Fix Minecraft Remote Connect Error

Minecraft is a massively popular online sandbox game. When you encounter issues while logging in to your Minecraft account, you will see on the screen. A lot of users don’t know what it is and how to fix it. If you are one of them, I’m here to help you.

In this post, I will explain what is in context to  Minecraft, and how to fix the Minecraft Remote Connect error easily. This will help you to sign back into your account and continue playing the game.

What is for Minecraft?

Minecraft has recently switched to Microsoft for their base log-in. is the website that allows you to play Minecraft at home with other people on devices except for theirs. It makes playing Minecraft on PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox smoother than ever. You will have to register and log in using a free Microsoft account to play on any Non-Microsoft device. allows you to link your Minecraft account on any device including PS4, Switch, Windows, or Mac, and play with your friends who have installed Minecraft on their Xbox One or Xbox 360. It allows you to experience and enjoy a cross-platform experience without any compatibility issues.

What is the Minecraft Remote Connect Error (

Minecraft is an evergreen game. It has a loyal player base that continuously keeps enjoying the game, and the size of this base keeps increasing gradually. The game gets even better when you play it with your friends. However, sometimes the multiplayer experience may turn sour due to issues like the Minecraft Remote Connect Error.

“https// connect” or Minecraft Remote Connect error is an annoying issue that has been troubling a lot of Minecraft players recently. This issue appears when you are trying to log in with your Minecraft account on PS4, Nintendo, or other consoles. Sometimes, it may even appear on your Windows or Mac PC.

If you have encountered it on any of your devices, I will help you to know about it, and eventually fix it.

What causes the Minecraft Remote Connect Error?

Minecraft Remote Connect error is a login issue that may happen due to a number of causes. The two most common causes of this error include cross-play and error in the game data. Minecraft allows you to play on multiple devices including PS, Xbox, Nintendo, etc, with a single Microsoft account. Sometimes, this results in the ‘Remote Connect’ error.

The other major cause of the issue is incorrectly configured game data. If you regularly quit the game without saving the game data, then you might trigger this issue on the next login attempt. There are some other less common causes of this error also like Antivirus & Firewall incompatibility, Microsoft account issues, etc.

How to Fix: Error on Minecraft

It is essential that you know how to fix the issue on Minecraft in order to continue playing. So, I will help you resolve the issue regardless of the cause. We completed thorough research and came up with the four best solutions that are able to eliminate this error.

You just need to use these solutions in order to solve the problem. All of these solutions are very simple to apply. You will not need any additional knowledge to use them.

Solution-1: Restart the Console & Sign Out of Other Devices

The first solution to try when you encounter this error is to turn off the console, wait for a minute or two, and then start it again. A simple restart is known to fix this error effectively for a lot of users.

Another thing you can do is sign out of your Minecraft account from all the other devices except for the one you want to play with. Microsoft suggests that the game is cross-platform compatible but sometimes cross-playing leads to certain issues.

Solution-2: Sign-in to Microsoft with Minecraft Code

Since “” is a website that asks you to sign in to your Microsoft account to play Minecraft, the simplest solution is to sign in using the code provided by Minecraft. Once you sign in, the issue will be gone. Follow these steps to know what you have to do:

Step-1: Download and install Minecraft on your console (Xbox, PS4, Switch, etc). If you already have it, then skip this step.

Step-2: Launch Minecraft on the console and click on the “Sign in with a Microsoft Account” button present on the left.

Step-3: A sign-in code will appear on the screen. Note it down.

Step-4: Now turn on your PC, open a web browser, and visit the website.

Step-5: Next, enter the code that you noted on Minecraft here, and click on ‘Next.’

Step-6: Sign in with your Microsoft account that you want to connect with Minecraft, and wait for the verification.

That’s it. You can now enjoy Minecraft on your console without any issues.

Solution-3: Fix Minecraft Game Data

If the issue has raised due to an issue with the game data, then this solution will work for you. Follow these steps:

Step-1: Launch Minecraft on the console, go to the ‘Settings’ section, and then choose ‘System Settings’ from the menu.

Step-2: Then choose ‘Storage’ present on the left pane.

Step-3: After that, you will see all the game data under the ‘Game Storage’ section. Click on the ‘Delete’ icon to delete all the corrupted and unwanted game data.

Step-4: Finally, restart the game.

That’s it.

Solution-4: Use a New Microsoft Account

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above but the issue is still present, then the ultimate solution will be to use a new Microsoft account. Just visit Microsoft’s website to create a new account for free, link it to your Minecraft account, and then use it to sign in to Minecraft on the console.

Using a fresh account will eliminate all the errors, and you will not face any conflicts. You can also create a new Microsoft account directly while logging in using platform.

Final Words

Minecraft Remote Connect error or is a login issue that prevents you from enjoying the game on a console. This is how you can fix this error to get back to playing with your friends. The next time you encounter the issue, you will not be left helpless. You’ll be able to resolve it.

That’s all for this guide. I hope it helps you enough. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.