How to beat Red Wolf of Radagon?

Beat Red Wolf of Radagon: No, the Red Wolf of Radagon is not a Boss you can choose to fight in Elden Ring

Everyone has to fight it as they try to move forward through the game. The Boss fight will be hard, no matter what you do. 

There are two ways to beat the Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring. Every time you fight a Boss, you can either do it the normal way or just Cheese it. 

I’ll show you how to use a Cheese Method to beat him in this guide.

How to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring

Red Wolf of Radagon can do both physical and magical damage. A sword will appear in its mouth during its jump attack, and it will strike you at least twice after it lands.

 Red Wolf of Radagon also lunges and bites you. This item can use Carian Phalanx and Comet-like spells.

 He has simple habits that you can learn. It will have two or three strikes in any attack it makes. Is this correct? Then when it does something, it will stop after two or three strikes. Not the Lunge move: This rule doesn’t apply to this move. 

There are times when you can fight the Boss when it is done with its attack combo. He doesn’t take long to get back up and strike again.

Do this to win the fight with the boss. Make a Spirit, which is like a group of Lone Wolves. 

Let them be the ones to draw the attention away from you. At the back, you can use Spells or attacks with Arrows or Ashes to do a lot of damage. 

If you keep doing this until you beat the Red Wolf of Radagon in the Elden Ring, you will be done.

 Make sure you don’t let your guard down because it will jump and attack you. There isn’t much health in the Red Wolf of Radagon. It’s easy to kill.