How To Unban Someone On Discord [ Quick Guide ]

If you are banned from Discord stay calm accounts ban from Discord servers can happen for multiple situations. But what can you do when you get banned and even you don’t know how last it longs? Is there a process to get back on?. The answer for all is yes you can. Several people are not aware of How to Unban Someone on Discord. So just start the article with a positive thought all your problem will solve here.

Since its inception in 2015, Discord has been the most favorite communication platform for gamers in the entire world. Some extraordinary capabilities of creating groups and servers many people prefer to use Discord rather than other communication software. Chatting with friends on Discord is one of your favorite hobbies. Discord claims over 250 million users across the world and sends 315 million messages each day.

And similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Skype if you didn’t follow the rules of engagement of the Discord server or if you were spreading negativity through your content then it completely prohibited on discord. If we go deep so Each group has its own privacy policy rules or someone wants to stay in a group he must have to follow these terms and rules created by the group administrator. If you go against particular rules admin has the authority to ban that person

Why Does Discord Ban Users?

Before anything first understands these things why discord bans someone what are the reasons which help you In the future to make your account safe from illegal activities. Usually, users got banned if they post too many offensive things on the Discord server or called spamming. Even, you might get banned for spreading any kind of havoc content you are publishing.

  • Send spam messages or creating spam accounts
  • Organize or associate in attacks for spam or mass pinging
  • Post hatred content, self-harming things, suicidal thought, or blackmailing messages
  • Share copyright-violating media
  • Share pornographic image or video
  • Advertising other discords within a certain discord
  • Involving with fraud activities.

Discord is not the only one who prevents your account. Even the server admin also has the power to ban you. Discord or a server administrator can ban you for these terms so better to avoid.

How to Unban Someone on Discord

So now come to the main point. If you mistakenly ban someone and didn’t find the option of How to Unban Someone on Discord. So This section of the article will help you to know about Discord ban and how to unban yourself on discord.

If you are a server administrator you can anyone from an individual chat server. If you not have the server authority, then you can ask the Discord server’s administrator to make you one. And in case your discord account ban partially you can contact the discord support team.

However, here we are talking about how to unban people on Discord so first ensure that you are an admin then only you have the right to do this process. And it takes around 30 minutes of yours to unban someone. So let’s begin.

  • Launch your Discord app from your computer or other devices log in to your account.
  • Choose the channel you want to unban members. Choose the top arrows and go into server settings.
  • Inside the server settings option, you will see a tab called “Bans“.
  • Click on it you will find a list of all the members whom you have already banned from the server.
  • Next, you have to find the user whom you want to block from your list. If you cannot find the member just use the search box.
  • Next, press on the user’s handle, and you will find a popup window.
  • And lastly, click on the Revoke Ban button. That’s it all about.

Users Right after Unbanned Account

Now The member will be able to post again anything in your Discord server and become like any other eligible normal user.

Now the user has the right to write SMS, enter a voice queue, send private messages, and watch live gaming on the web. An unbanned member is also qualified for different jobs and assigns new roles including managers, moderators, and other server-specific positions.

Can I ban again a user after unbanning him?

Yes, of course, you can ban him as usual again. After the unban that user becomes a regular user on your server. If he/she not obey the rule again so you can do it if you are the server administrator or the group owner’s rights.

How to ban someone on Discord

Again if someone is doing rapidly spamming or violate things, So this guide for group owners will help you to get rid out of that evil users.

Sometimes there might be people who are going against your channel’s terms and conditions. So this post will teach you how to ban and block those people from your channel.

  • First, open up discord and Select the server hosting the channel The servers are located on the left side of the window.
  • Now Select channel Channels appear in the main front panel Now you should see a list of chat channels and its users on the right side of the screen.
  • All you have to do is just right-click on the user’s name title and then touch on the Ban button.
  • That’s it. It will ask you for confirmation Click Ban to confirm.
  • After it, you never see the person is discord whenever you unbanned them.


Anyone does not wish to get banned from discord or any other social network because they are now our main assets which glims of our personality and account banning is poetry a negative effect on our followers. Like YouTube, FB, Instagram if you are right on your word you can contact the discord team on their social platform they mostly activate on Twitter.

I would recommend following the above criteria of How to Unban Someone on Discord and the reason behind the ban to avoid restriction once you unbanned don’t do this mistake repeat unbanned users will have access to the server as normal so enjoy these authorities.


Does discord ban account for a lifetime or How long it last?

The thing with Discord bans is that they are not for a lifetime or permanent. Sometimes Discord bans account for last for a few hours, some days, or weeks after the ban was issued. Though, in certain circumstances, your account might get banned permanently too.

How to avoid getting banned from Discord Servers?

There are several things that you can do not to get banned on Discord. Like you should not be trying to hack the server or spam it. Make sure to follow the server’s rules and regulations and don’t be abusive to other users of the server.

My Discord account has disabled any chance to enable it again?

In case if your account gets disabled by Discord, then I would advise you to contact directly the Discord support team. You can do it by posting your problem in the help section of Discord. Or you can openly tweet them about it.