How to Make Leather in V Rising

Make Leather in V Rising: Leather is a crafting reagent that players will need shortly after building their Castle Hearts in V Rising. 

However, there isn’t much in the way of in-game guidance on collecting this valuable resource, and some fans may be unsure how to go about obtaining it. 

Fortunately, getting leather in V Rising is pretty simple, and this article will help gamers through the process.

How to Make Leather in V Rising

To make leather in V Rising, players must first complete the “Expanding my Domain” objective, which requires them to enhance their Castle Heart. 

A player should be at a proper gear level and have already erected a Blood Altar, which they should now interact with to obtain a list of possible bosses by the time they begin this quest. 

Keely the Frost Archer is the boss who is essential to creating leather, and survival game players should choose her and click the “trace blood” button underneath her image.

A blood trail will form due to this action, which players should follow to the Bandit Trapper Camp in the Farbane Woods. 

After vampire video game players arrive at this site, they will fight toe-to-toe with Keely, and when she is killed, they will unlock the opportunity to build a Tannery in their bases. 

A Tannery takes eight planks and 160 animal skins to construct, and fans may do so by selecting the crafting station in the Build menu after they have the necessary ingredients.

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Players should now interact with the Tannery by dragging their animal hides into one of the input slots.

Notably, it takes 16 animal skins to produce one pound of leather, implying that players who wish to collect a massive amount of the refined material would have to slaughter many creatures. 

Fortunately, the Farbane Woods is an excellent location for doing so, and it should not take long for players to gather hides and build up a sufficient stockpile of leather.

It’s worth noting that Keely isn’t the only boss that allows players to build a new building after defeating them. 

Fans should spend some time looking through the V Blood list, which can access via the Blood Altar, as it may lead them to another structure they want to uncover. 

In this multiplayer game, players may also win new powers by chasing V Blood, offering more motivation to chase down monsters via the altar.