How to Increase the Speed of Google Chrome?

When Google Chrome was first released 12 years ago, it was considered a work of art in the field of software engineering. It had everything you could want in a browser: speed, a user-friendly interface, a nice design, and low RAM usage. Chrome considered all of our requirements and evolved into the best internet navigation solution. But it didn’t take long for it to slow down. However, there are some solutions to your problem.

The ability to add a large number of add-ons and personalize your browser is fantastic, but it can cause your browser to slow down. Nothing is more aggravating than having to wait for something important, such as the release of a ticket, a deadline, or the outcome of a roulette game when playing an online casino.

How to Increase the Speed of Google Chrome?

Regardless of its flaws, Google chrome remains the best internet browser, accounting for at least 67 percent of the global market. And we’ll show you how to renovate it so that it’s as fast as new.

Remove all non-essential extensions

Chrome’s interface can be customized using a variety of downloadable extensions, depending on your preferences. Of course, these extensions are also working “behind the scenes,” consuming valuable internet speed and RAM. This will undoubtedly slow down your browser and your user experience. A good PC may not be influenced as much as a bad one, but everyone can experience some minor stuttering over time. The more extensions you install, the slower your browser will become.

The simplest way to do this is to go through your extensions on a regular basis and remove any that you aren’t using. One solution is to disable the ones you don’t use all the time and enable them only when you need them.

Tab Management Arrangement

It is very common for users to keep multiple tabs open the majority of the time. Please keep in mind that the more tabs you have open, the slower your browser will become. When you don’t even see the little close button on the tab, that’s a red flag that you should close some tabs.

However, if you absolutely require more tabs, extensions such as The Snooze or The Great Suspender are available. These can disable tabs for a set period of time until you reopen them. And I know I said in the previous paragraph to get rid of the extension. However, a useful extension is always preferable to a large number of open tabs.

Expansion of Content Blocking

When you browse the web, you may come across annoying pop-ups and notices that will unavoidably slow down your browsing. A few websites use promotional content and video content that runs on an open page, even if it is in the background. These contents can remove small chunks of data from your data, but they can be removed with extensions such as Popup Blocker or uBlock Origin.

Some websites require a pop-up to open new tabs or download files. You can add this site to your whitelist if you have faith in it.

Mobile Browser in Lite Mode

Most of us use our phones to navigate the internet rather than our computers. We have good news for Android users in this regard. Chrome for phones speeds up slow-loading pages by routing them through some Google servers, which simplifies the code and allows the webpage to load faster.

This element is known as ‘Lite-mode,’ and it does not change the appearance of the site. It is only available on Androids and Google Chrome. It will not have a negative impact on your browsing experience. It will, on the contrary,

Chrome Page Preloading

It can be very inconvenient for someone to have to wait a long time for a website to load. However, Chrome has a solution for this as well. It created an algorithm that analyses your entire history, browsing patterns, and habits before pre-loading said links for you.

This is a preset feature, so you don’t need an extension to use it. Simply click on settings and then search for ‘advanced.’ You’ll find a setting called ‘Pre-load pages for faster browsing in the privacy and security panel. This feature is available on Android phones under the same Privacy and Security section, as well as on iOS devices under ‘Bandwith.’ If you want, even more, there is a Chrome extension called ‘Faster Chrome’ that pre-opens websites for you.