Google Accepts Pixel 6 Wi-Fi Issues, Promises to Fix

Google Accepts Pixel 6 Wi-Fi Issues, Promises to Fix. 

A smartphone without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is essentially a (gasp!) phone, which no one wants. Nonetheless, some Pixel 6 owners have reported this.

Following a system upgrade in early February, many Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro owners have reported issues with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on various support sites. With an official response on a Reddit thread, Google has finally acknowledged the problem.

Google downplayed the bug’s significance, claiming that it only affected a “minimal number of devices” and that the company had uncovered the leading cause of the problem following a thorough examination.

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As a result, Google has created a software remedy that will be released in early March with the next system update.

Google recognizes that forcing early adopters of their premium smartphone line to wait a month to use wireless connectivity is unreasonable. 

So it’s advising impacted customers to contact the support team if they wish to “explore other possibilities.” However, the message didn’t go into detail.

This isn’t the first time a Pixel 6 system upgrade has caused a severe problem. After users began experiencing disconnected and dropped calls due to a call filtering and hold capabilities problem, Google stopped the line’s first significant update in December.