5 Best Chrome Browser Extensions to Save time

Are you looking to save time in your browser? Lucky for you, I’ve got Best Chrome Browser Extensions to save your time. The best part is they’re all free! Let’s not waste anymore of it and jump right into some time-saving Chrome browser extensions. 

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1. Audiblogs


Audiblogs are an excellent extension for when you come across a blog or article that you want to save to read later. Well, Audiblogs take that article and convert it into a podcast for you to listen to. Ya! So from the article that you don’t have time to read and want to take with you on the go, this Chrome extension is the best choice. 

However, you just hit the audio blogs extension, and initially, you’ll have to set up your podcast app of choice. But audio blogs use good ai narration that sounds pretty good considering it’s not an actual human. Therefore, the article remains to your podcast player, and you can do multitask while listening. 

2. All Netflix Categories

5 Best Chrome Browser Extensions to Save time

Number 2 on the list is also in this entertainment space. Did you know that Netflix has secret category codes? Well, they do, but you need to find them, but who has time for that? Luckily for us, there’s a chrome extension just for this name, All Netflix Categories. It is a massive time saver when you’re browsing Netflix. Because we all know how long it can take to find something to watch. 

netflix hidden categories

However, from any tab, you don’t even have to start on Netflix. You can click on the extension and look at all the categories. So when you pick a category, it will take you to Netflix in that tab. A time-saver indeed, and maybe you’ll even find something new and exciting to watch that you didn’t even know existed. 

3. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

5 Best Chrome Browser Extensions to Save time

I know, the longest name ever, but a real-time-saver nonetheless. So I know we can all take screenshots on our computers, and some of us may even use screen recording software, and that’s all fine and dandy. But, sometimes, you might need to share something with someone you can’t explain in an email or text. 

For example, let’s say you’re redesigning a website or merchandise or branding for your company. You may want to quickly explain to your designer how you want things laid out. So you can easily click on the extension, and right away, you’re going to notice a lot of options. 

Additionally, you can record your desktop, only a specific tab, or even use your webcam. You can also toggle the audio on or off. But the screen capture option is better than taking a simple screenshot. 

However, the option allows us to capture the entire page as a still, which is handy. But back in the record option, all you have to do is hit ‘start recording’ and then pick what you want to share and hit ‘share.’ So this would be cool enough to save us time. 

Now back to our extension at the top, there is a running timer, so we can see how long we’ve been recording for. And if we click on the extension, we can stop the recording. It will take us to a new tab to preview the video, download it, or even edit it. 

At the same time, we can annotate and draw attention to certain things of importance. But, better yet, we can generate a shareable link to send in an email right to our designer or colleague or whoever we need to send it. 

4. Weava Highlighter for PDF and web

Weava Highlighter for PDF and web

It is another one that allows you to interact directly with web pages. So with weave installed, you can highlight sections from articles of web pages of interest to you. So look, I’ll highlight this quote here, and I can even pick a color for the highlight too. But more extraordinary yet, you can leave yourself a little note too. 

Therefore, you have to click on the highlight again and then type your note. And if you click on your weave extension, you’ll see the letters you’ve highlighted, or you can click through to your dashboard to see your research folder in full view. 

However, the most remarkable thing is that your highlights will be there waiting for you whenever you come back to that web page for easy reference. 

5. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper

I’ve talked about the ColorPick Eyedropper extension before because I love it so much. So let’s say you want to match the particular shade of blue from this website. If you need to match a specific brand color, but you don’t know what it is, this extension is for you. 

However, it’s super easy to do. Click your color pick eyedropper extension, and you’ll notice your mouse turns into this cross here, and as you move over colors, the color hex changes to match that color instantly. Click on the color you want. And now, in this little box, you can copy the hex code and paste it wherever you need to. 

I use this when editing videos to match brand colors when the brand hasn’t given me their guidelines. Perhaps, it is one of my most used extensions. So obviously, this is a shortlist, as I have a ton of other chrome extension videos. 

However, you can check all these 5 Best Chrome Browser Extensions to Save Time via the links. So what do you think of these picks? Are there any other time-saving extensions you use? Let everyone know in the comments below.