Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online Free (2018)

Few years ago if you had asked me “Which are the best anime streaming sites” I would say “none”. Only very few sites allowed streaming of quality animes and that too the users had to pay a hefty price and face a lot of buffering issues while viewing. With the advancement of Technology and the Internet, things have smoothened out. A lot of new websites have emerged which allows us to view our favorite animes free of cost. Animes are watched by almost all age groups and countries. The availability of subtitles have removed the language barrier. In this article we will be looking at the best anime streaming sites and the best anime websites in the net.

Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime

The popularity of Animes and the role of Social-Media

Before we look at the best anime streaming sites out there let us understand why there has been a huge increase in anime content in the net. Everybody who has watched an anime series will surely have good memories of it. Animes influence people consciously and subconsciously. Personally, I am a huge fan of the “Dragon Ball Z” series considered widely as the most popular anime of all time. I admired the protagonist Goku’s mentality to continuously seek improvement which I tried to bring in my lifestyle albeit not as successfully as him. Also, I admired the pride of Vegeta in his ability. My admiration of Vegeta often resulted in me being a little cocky whenever I was involved in something good. The thing is people have an emotional connect with their favorite animes. This is one of the reason why animes are tremendously popular.

Another reason for the rise of anime popularity is the social media especially Facebook and Youtube. Every day thousands of polls and discussions are conducted discussing the favorite characters, shows and possible spoilers. People even recreate their favorite anime moments on Youtube. There are tons of anime communities on Facebook where you can interact with people from different parts of the world and you can debate with them and hear their stories. Also many shows use social media for the promotion of upcoming episodes which leads in increase in excitement and therefore increase in ratings. Simply put social media makes anime much more intriguing. These are the major reasons why we have currently lots of sites which refer themselves as the best anime.

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The Best Anime Streaming Sites

KissAnime has been incredibly popular ever since its inception. It is a free anime streaming site and offers a huge variety of animes. You don’t even need to sign-up to watch an anime. Having an account is necessary for downloading. The site is designed to run on low-bandwidth and video quality can be altered from 240p to 1080p. It is important to note that the site runs using Javascript, therefore some browsers might have a problem loading it.

Visit Kissanime

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9animes host a plethora of great animes and it is also one of the best anime streaming site. The site doesn’t have ads like others. You can watch animes in HD. There is also a request button which you can use if you want a particular series to be added to the site. The design of the site is very cool there is a heavy reliance on purple. This is my go-to site to watch quality animes.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Visit 9Anime

Gogoanime is stuffed with content. It has got animes, manga, cartoons, comics and movies. The site is free and has dubbed(English) and subbed versions of the animes. The site is well maintained and regularly updated. The design is eye-catching and there is also an app available for the site for the iOS and Android devices to stream the content. so here you can watch anime online for free.

Best Anime Streaming Sites free

Visit Gogoanime

This is another free anime streaming website in the mold of Kissanime though the interface is not as good. The site streams animes and Asian dramas. Compared to other sites Chia-anime has a very high update frequency. The quality of the content is good and the episodes can be downloaded in mp4 file format. All the great animes can be found here and also they are all subbed.

Visit Chia-Anime

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Crunchy is an anime streaming website which offers animes, manga, drama, music. It is a legal site. To experience the best of Crunchyroll you must enroll in a paid plan of about 7 dollars a month. There are also few animes available for free. Crunchyroll has got a premium design with reviews for the shows. If you get a paid plan, there won’t be any ads. It has even got an online store which sells Blue-ray DVD and other stuff related to anime.

Visit Crunchyroll

This is among the best anime streaming sites you can find on the web. The database is enormous. The site has got dubbed anime of the highest quality. Users might find the theme of the website to be slightly in the darkish mold. The site even offers a chat option where you can chat with other users.

Visit Animexd

Final Thoughts

These are what I find to be the best anime streaming sites on the web. If you don’t like spending money, then any website other than Crunchyroll would serve you good. However, if you are not bothered by the money and want the ultimate premium experience then you need to sign up with Crunchyroll.

Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online
  • Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online


In this article we will be looking at the best anime streaming sites and the best anime websites in the net.

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