How To Change Wifi On Chromecast

Using a Chromecast device is a blessing for every movie lover because this little device that might seem quite small to manage helps you watch hundreds of movies and TV shows with your buddies. Chromecast devices need a good TV capable of streaming HD movies and TV shows and a working wifi connection. We can’t guarantee since we don’t know about your preferences, but we are talking about changing wifi networks in this article. If you are bothered about how to change wifi on Chromecast, then you are at the right place. 

People who know or use Chromecast know that this device needs to be connected to the wifi network to fetch the movies from Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and other streaming platforms. However, what if you want to switch to another wifi network. Suppose you are not getting enough internet speed and want to shift to another trusted and speedy network. In such a case, the big question of how to change the wifi network on Chromecast needs a proper solution. This article explained some most straightforward ways to change wifi on Chromecast, so read it carefully.

How To Change Wifi On Chromecast

Sometimes people make simpler things more complicated by reading too much about that topic or overthinking about it. So in this article, we decided to use one of the best ways to deal with your problem. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the wifi network on your Chromecast.

  • Switch on your TV and connect the Chromecast and make sure it’s powered on adequately.
  • Then open the Google Home application from your desired mobile device.
  • Click on the three-bar menu icon, which you will find in the left corner. 
  • Now from options shown, click on Devices.
  • Again tap on the three-dot icon.
  • Now click on the settings and tap on the WiFi option.
  • Select the Old WiFi network and click on Forget It.
  • Then find the new WiFi network you want to connect to and click on it.
  • Enter the valid password of the new WiFi network, and that’s it.

This is so easy to do that it does not involve any hard steps from your side. There could be many reasons why someone would want to connect to a new wifi network. If you face some speed issues with the old wifi network, it’s better to switch to the new one.

However, you need some users who said they received some error messages while connecting to the new wifi network. The reason could be obvious your Chromecast device won’t be able to fetch the required information and fail to connect to the new wifi network.

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In such a case, what you have to do is manually reset the Chromecast device. If you haven’t gotten satisfied with the method mentioned above of changing wifi on Chromecast, then try resetting the Chromecast device manually and check whether it works for y0uo or not. 

Resetting Chromecast Device To Connect To New WiFi Network

Manually resetting a Chromecast device will resolve any type of WiFi network-related issues you are dealing with, and here is how you can do that with these simple steps.

Press And Hold The Reset Button:– The first thing you need to do is press and hold the reset button of the Chromecast device. The reset button can be found on the Chromecast device’s side until you see a flashlight stop flashing and keep holding the reset button.


Disconnect USB Cable:- The next thing you have to do is disconnect the USB cable and then wait for a few seconds.

Now Reconnect The USB Cable:- Now restart the Chromecast device and reconnect the USB cable, taking back your Chromecast device to its factory settings. 

Manually resetting the Chromecast device is quite beneficial since it resolves lots of network-related issues. People face these things when trying to connect to the new wifi network or have some glitches in the existing network. 

Some Common Solutions For Fixing The wifi Network Issues On Chromecast

Even though manually resetting the Chromecast device or following the method above to change the wifi name on Chromecast works brilliantly. Sometimes you need to make sure you are not having any of the common problems mentioned below.

  • Make Sure Both Devices Are Connected On the Same Network:– The first and the most important thing you need to make sure of is that your mobile device and Chromecast device is connected on the same wifi network.
  • Make Sure The Bluetooth Is Switched On:– Sometimes, it’s been seen that switching on Bluetooth is an important thing to connect to the network near to the device you are using. 

Why Is My Chromecast Not Connecting To My WiFi?

There could be various reasons behind it. If the WiFi network cannot connect to the Chromecast device, you need to reconnect it and follow the technical guides mentioned above to do that.

Can Chromecast Connect To Multiple WiFi?

Unfortunately No. The users have asked us many questions about connecting Chromecast devices to multiple networks. According to us, it can be connected to one WiFi network simultaneously, and you have to reset it to connect to the new WiFi network.


So this is how to change WiFi on Chromecast devices. Even though this problem seems quite bigger and more complicated, it requires quite less effort from your side. People nowadays are using Chromecast to stream their favorite content from multiple streaming platforms. The WiFi network-related issues are quite normal in Chromecast devices, and this tutorial will help you a lot in understanding the depth and solution for it.

We hope you liked this article and got the solution which you were looking for. However, if you have any other doubts or questions about the same or related topic, then leave a comment down below.