Facebook brings Soundmojis on Messenger App

Facebook brings Soundmojis on Messenger App. 

Keep in touch with acquaintances through Facebook Messenger? However, the sound of your chat is going to increase a lot from before. From now on, if you send an emoji, both of you can hear the sound. 

Yes, Facebook Messenger has launched a new feature called Soundmojis. Facebook added sound to the emoji in this feature. From now on, whenever you send an emoji to Facebook Messenger, you will hear different types of sounds on the phone.

What is Soundmojis?

Until now, you could share chats, emojis, Facebook avatars, stickers, and GIFs on Facebook Messenger. But, as a result, there was no sound on the phone. Even though there was a sound in the voice note, you could hear no sound if you sent emojis for so long. 

Soundmojis will change the experience of sending text messages to Facebook Messenger users.

Sending Soundmojis to Facebook Messenger chats will play a sound clip. Therefore, you can send different types of sound with emojis. According to the company, users can select various sounds from the library. A word will accompany every sound emojis. It will make the new emoji sound louder on the phone speaker.

How to use Soundmojis?

According to Facebook, users can send Soundmojis easily. Start a chat on Facebook Messenger, select Smiley Face, and select the Loudspeaker option. Here you will see all Soundmojis. There is also an opportunity to hear it before sending it. After that, you can send your favorite Soundmojis.

Soundmojis has already arrived. This feature will reach your device on July 17th, World Emoji Day.