Top 5 Free Extensions for Google Chrome Browser in 2021

Free Extensions for Google Chrome: Whether you are writing an official document or doing any personal work over the Internet, a web browser is always helpful. As a recent survey, 97 percent of people use Google Chrome as their default web browser in the United States.

Keeping in mind, here I am providing the top 5 Free Chrome Extensions for Your Browser. Let’s take your Chrome browser to the next level and more user-friendly.

5 Free Extensions for Google Chrome Browser in 2021

1. Honey

Honey is my secret weapon for saving money online. It appears at checkout and automatically searches the Internet for any available coupon code.

The best code is applied to your cart, so you will permanently save the most money. Honey has protected me from everything from hotels to skates, and I didn’t have to search for anything.

Honey finds better prices on Amazon, too (yes, there are better prices, I was surprised too). With five stars on the Chrome store, it’s no wonder this plugin is rapidly gaining popularity.
Get Honey HERE.

2. Moment

Momentum turns the New Tab page into your dashboard with photos, inspirational quotes, a to-do widget, a weather report, and a quick links widget for your favorite websites. I appreciate my to-do list presented to me in a fresh and organized manner every day.

3. Grammarly is the best Free Extensions for Google Chrome

Say “goodbye” too embarrassing typing mistakes (you won’t lose them). This fantastic extension is practically guaranteed to help you write g̶o̶o̶d better.

Whether you’re crafting an essential email for work or silly Facebook status for your friends, Grammarly makes sure you convey your thoughts without typos and as clearly as possible.

The free version is like a 24/7 proofreader, but Grammarly will even suggest better vocabulary words and check for plagiarism if you upgrade to premium.

4. Boomerang

Boomerang allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. You can also keep track of messages to make sure you get a reply and set reminders from Gmail. Free users can schedule 10 messages per month.

Paid subscribers get unlimited messaging credits and premium features. Still, scheduling those ten messages is helpful.

5. Awesome screenshot app

The Awesome Screenshot app is pretty, well, awesome. It’s an easy way to annotate your screenshots or images quickly. Whether you want to crop, blur, or pinpoint a specific part of your image, this tool is a valuable and easy alternative to Photoshop.

There you have it: my five favorite free Chrome extensions. Whether you’re saving money with Honey or sprucing up your to-do list, these plugins are worth installing.

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