How to Increase iPhone Battery Backup

How to Increase iPhone Battery Backup?

Although there have been huge changes in the processor and camera technology of smartphones in the last few years, there has been no groundbreaking change in battery technology. Nowadays, all smartphones are using Lithium-ion batteries. If you want the best backup battery for iPhone then follow this article till the end.

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Therefore, each time you charge, this type of battery life is gradually reduced. So all the smartphones have to charge the battery again in a few years.

Also, the latest software has some such optimizations. So if there is any update left on your phone, Apple always recommends installing iOS updates for better backup.

As well as that, Apple also advises customers on optimizing settings for better backups using the low-power mode and charging the phone from the computer.

What is Apple saying for the best backup battery for iPhone?

best backup battery for iPhone

A) Update iPhone:

  1. Open the phone’s settings.
  2. Now select the general category.
  3. Then select Next and select the Software Update option.
  4. Now check the update there. If there is any update left, it will show here.
  5. By connecting the cable to the computer, you can also update the iPhone via iTunes.


B) You can save the battery by keeping the brightness of the phone’s display low.

C) Using a WiFi network instead of 4G will also help to increase iPhone battery backup.


How to reduce the display brightness of the iPhone?

  1. Open Control Center on your iPhone.
  2. Drag the brightness slider down.
  3. Open Settings to use the Auto-Brightness feature.


How to enable low-power mode in iPhone?

  1. Enable low power mode when the phone battery is below 20%.
  2. When the phone’s battery reaches 20%, the option to enable low power mode will come up on your display. Tap there.
  3. However, this option can be enabled from the settings at any time if desired.
  4. Open Settings, scroll down and select Battery.
  5. Now enable Low Power Mode toggle.


D) Turn off background app refresh

  1. For that, open Settings on iPhone and select General.
  2. Now select the background app refresh.
  3. Disable this option completely.