How to get Wing of Astel in Elden Ring?

Wing of Astel in Elden Ring: The Wing of Astel, one of Elden Ring‘s most powerful weapons, is the Wing of Astel. This Curved Sword is available in the following locations. It’s also worth mentioning!

Although Elden Ring offers many weapons, the Wing of Astel is the best.

The Curved Sword, which does additional magic damage to the Wing of Astel, is an excellent weapon for spelling words and anyone who puts points into Intelligence or Dexterity.

It also has an incredible weapon skill that sets it apart from all other weapons in the game. This article will cover everything you need to know and where you can find the Wing of Astel.

What is Wing of Astel Elden Ring?

The Wing of Astel Curved sword does both magic and physical damage. It also has a powerful weapon skill, Nebula, and a charge attack that shoots projectiles.

The Nebula weapon skill is 20 focus points. It creates a cloud of dark stars that explodes, causing severe damage. The weapon also has E scaling for strength and D scaling for dexterity or intelligence.

It is easy to locate and requires only 7 Strengths, 17 Dexterity, and 20 Intelligence. To upgrade Wing of Astel, however, you will need SomberSmithing Stones.

Where can I find Wing of Astel?

  • You must first know How to Get to Nokstella In Elden Ring.
  • You will then head south from the Nokstella Eternal City Sites of Grace.
  • Look for the giant ant with the shield in the cave and move towards the flying ants.
  • You can defeat the ants to enter the cave.
  • Follow the cliffside and defeat any enemies along the way.
  • You will eventually see a chest over the ruins and near a giant monster suspended from the ceiling.
  • Stand behind a pillar to avoid the attacks of the monster.
  • Finally, reach up to the chest for the Wing of Astel once it is safe.