How to Get Whetstone in V Rising

Get Whetstone in V Rising: Whetstones are blacksmith components used to make sure weapons in V Rising. They’re also needed to make Grinders, which are crucial workstations for converting raw materials into bricks and dust.

If players want to expand their castles in V Rising, they’ll need to get their hands on some Whetstones, which can be found in this guide.

How to Obtain Whetstone in V Rising

Grinder Before Construction

Whetstones are essential in creating Grinders in V Rising, as previously mentioned. As a result, before they can build that workstation, players will need to collect some of this material, which will require them to travel around the world. 

In the early game, survival game fans looking for Whetstones should look for them in the Farbane Woods’ various Bandit Strongholds.

Whetstones and other crucial reagents can be found in the chests and looted from the bandits who live in these camps in V Rising.

 Players should use their maps of the Farbane Woods to locate a Bandit Stronghold by hovering their mouses over the various areas marked with yellow. 

Whetstones will be listed as “important loot” for the locations where pop-ups can find the material. And its provides more information about the highlighted areas.

Grinder After Construction

After collecting the necessary components and building a Grinder, a player will be able to make Whetstones for themselves. 

While the Grinder does not perform the actual crafting, it produces one of the required materials. Indie video game fans can make Whetstones by putting 12 of these reagents into the Furnace alongside a Copper Ingot.

To begin crafting Whetstones, players must first unlock them. Players should seek out Grayson the Armorer, a Level 27 boss who can be found via the Blood Altar. 

While players will be well-versed in tracking by the time they reach this point in the game. But they may not be aware that the Armorer is the key to crafting Whetstones.