How to Get Fish in Lost Ark

Get Fish in Lost Ark: Lost Ark has a lot of food items that you can make with fish. Fish is needed later in the game, so you need to get it now.

When you play PvE games like Chaos Dungeons and Raids, food items are used because they give you temporary stat boosts, making you stronger.

Before you can grow Fish in the game, you need to learn how to trade and then learn how to fish.

For Fish in Lost Ark, find a fishing spot and use Float Fishing to catch them.

Your float goes underwater when you use the Float Fishing skill, and an exclamation point shows up above it.

Use this skill again to reel in the Fish you caught.

In Lost Ark, you can’t fish where there is water. You can only fish at places that are specifically for fishing.

It is to the right of Lake bar Village in Lake bar. The first fishing spot you come across is there.

How to get Fish in Lost Ark

You can get Fish in Lost Ark by using the Fishing Trade Skill at fishing places worldwide, like in the game.

Only fish at places where there is water. You can’t just fish anywhere there is water.

The first fishing spot you’ll reach in the game is next to the Lake bar Village in Lake bar, where you learn how to trade.

When you open the World Map, look at the Trade Skills info bar at the window’s top-right corner.

This will help you find places to fish. A fishing hook icon means fishing spots on the map you’ve chosen.

Maps with fishing spots marked with a fishing hook icon show where they are on the chosen map.

Fishermen need to use the Float Fishing skill, which you can get by pressing “B” on your keyboard. To use it, press “B.”

Fishing can start when you use the Float Fishing skill next to the water at a good fishing spot.

When you see the float being pulled under the water and an exclamation point appears above it, reel in and let go of the line.

Once again, you use the Float Fishing skill to get the fish to bite you.

In fishing, you get a lot of fish and pearls. You can even get the simple resource called “Fish” from fishing.

Before you can start fishing in the game, you need to know how to feel. You learn this skill when you learn Trade Skills.

You also need to be wearing a Fishing Tool in Lost Ark to go fishing there.