Over a million Lost Ark bot accounts have been banned by Amazon.

Lost Ark bot accounts have been banned : Smilegate, the developer of the popular Korean MMO action game Lost Ark, didn’t know what to expect when the game came out in other countries last month.

The record-breaking success it had was a surprise to both Smilegate and Amazon Games franchise leader Soomin Park.

An official forum post from the team said that botting is becoming a bigger problem.

It also talked about the recent large-scale ban wave.

Our team has been hard at work on making tools and methods that work well to find and remove bots from the game.

Because of this, on March 4, we will permanently remove over a million fake accounts from the game that are running bots.

Due to the size of the ban, the Lost Ark team also said that some innocent people might have been caught in the flood.

If this is the case, submitting a ticket to their support site will help.

The team went on to say that they had no tolerance for cheating.

Smilegate has told us that they will keep working hard to make Lost Ark as fair and fun as possible.

The game went from a positive rating to a mixed rating on Steam because of the long queue line, but recent tweets from the official account show that this problem has been solved.

The next step is to keep working on removing botting, cheating, and harmful behaviour from Lost Ark at a large scale.

This includes expanding our anti-cheat tools, improving bot detection methods, and putting out more ban waves as needed, among other things.

Lost Ark hit a new high on Steam. It became the second most played game with 1.3 million concurrent players.