How to Get Free Clash Royale Gems in 2021?

Clash Royale is a video game for Android and iOS that is worth a game for phones and tablets. Clash Royale was developed by a company called supercell. Supercell has more Android / IOS games on the market and it does very well and one of them is Clash of Clans. Some characters in the game are based on Clash of Clans.

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NOTE: Avoid free Clash Royale Generator tools

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How to Get Free Clash Royale gems

The following are some of the applications that will help you get free gems.

1. Big Cash

After downloading the application, you must perform certain tasks quickly. You also need a credit card. Also, after referring to five friends, you will earn 100 points. Now complete the survey according to the instructions given.

All these tasks can allow you to earn around 300 coins that can be exchanged to obtain a gift card.

2. Join Survey Sites

Here are the best working survey sites that pay you for completing small tasks.

  1. Vindale Research
  2. LifePoints
  3. SurveyJunkie
  4. InboxDollars
  5. SwagBucks

3-     Win free gems by opening Chest

The chest is an integral part of the game. Some boxes, in addition to offering cards and gold, have a great opportunity to drop gems.

These chests are:

  • Chest crown
  • Free chest

Each of the chests has the opportunity to get 2-4 gems in the slot, making it a great way to win many gems. If you are familiar with the game, you can easily more than 10 gems every day.

4. Quests

Quests are another great way to earn free gems. These quests not only reward gems but also reward chests that also contain gems. So, it is a win-win situation.

The Quest contains a mission that rewards directly with 10 gems and, sometimes, with greater difficulty, also gives 20. Daily Quests are another great option to collect gems.

Seasonal quests also rewarded with the Super Magic Draft Chest and a smaller chest as well. You can also earn gems from here too.

5. Season League Rewards

Clash Royale has many leagues to conquer from more than 4000 trophies. Each league has different bonuses and you can earn more than 200 gems of league bonuses. For example, Master 1 gives you a bonus of 100 gems. Similarly, you can reach the top league to earn more gem rewards.

6. Gem Rush Events

Gem Rush is another great way to earn gems. At the end of each season, you will get gem events. You can earn gems by playing in multiplayer mode during this time. You can earn gems in modes 1v1 and 2v2.

What is Gem Rush?

  • Gem Rush is an event that takes your battle button
  • During Gem Rush, you will earn additional gems for each tower you destroy
  • +5 Gems for the first tower, 10 for the second tower +15 for the king’s tower

You can win up to 250 gems during this event, so don’t miss the opportunity and take them all.

7. Buy rewards

Buying rewards is another way to earn gems. The store’s rewards are updated every 24 hours and are rewarded with gems ranging from 5 to 10. Therefore, you can take a look at the store’s rewards every day and collect the gems whenever available. However, you will not get gems as a reward every day, so keep that in mind. In addition, you can also get free chests from store rewards that, in addition, can also contain gems.

8. Buy gems with Google opinion credit

With Google Opinion credits, you can earn the Play Store balance (PayPal in the case of iOS) with which you can buy gems for free.

You have to complete short surveys while you are in line or waiting for a subway. Get rewards with credit from Google Play or PayPal for each one you complete. Topics include everything from opinion polls, hotel reviews, to merchant satisfaction surveys. Google will notify you when you are waiting for a survey.

Final take

In conclusion, these are all available ways to get Clash Royale gems for free. All the methods discussed here are working and very effective in gems cultivation.  Therefore, you must apply all methods and earn the maximum number of gems. In addition, we recommend that you stay away from any type of gem-generating site.