How to fix Game Updates stuck at 100% on Steam

fix Game Updates stuck at 100% on Steam: A single of the irritating aspects of Steam is the time when game updates get Stuck at 100%, so many players are searching for a solution. This issue is not new, and it is possible to fix it with a few workarounds. 

These solutions will allow you to play the game immediately; however, others might need you to install the program from scratch. However, the answers should assist you in getting Steam and other games to work again.

 Therefore, without further delay, let’s look at how we can solve the issue.

How Fix Game Updates Stuck at 100% in Steam

  • Check Your Connection: There is a high chance that the update doesn’t have a problem, but it’s not finished yet. Steam could show 100% since the download has almost finished, but it’s not actually. It is possible to determine whether your internet is at fault by performing an online speed test.
  • Update your internet connection: If your Internet is faulty, stop the download and refresh your connection before resuming. If you have a wired connection, pull in an Ethernet cable, let it sit for some time, and connect it. For wireless connections, you can refresh the connection by restarting your router. If your internet connection is stable, Try resuming the download.
  • Resume and Pause Download: The best way to resolve this issue is to stop the game you’re downloading. After that, you can restart it after waiting some time or restarting Steam.
  • Restart completely Steam: Pause the update and then close Steam. Do not just shut it off, but also quiet Steam’s system tray. This is also called the application tray. Once you’ve closed it entirely, start Steam once more and see for any issues. 
  • Clear the Download Cache: Launch Steam and go to Settings. Choose the Downloads tab. The final button should be clear Download Cache.
  • Change the download region: You can do this by opening Steam and then going to Settings. Then, you can go to the Downloads tab and then change the region for downloading. Try changing it to a distant location before switching back for the most effective results.
  • Restart your computer: A harmless fix is to reboot your computer using Alt + F4 and select Restart. After your PC runs, examine if you’re still experiencing the error.
  • Install the game: This solution may be a bit extreme, based on the amount of your game or its latest update. However, if you have speedy internet, it’s definitely worth giving it.

This covers every method you’ll need to know to resolve this Steam Game update stuck at 100%. If you are experiencing any other issues with Steam, you can also refer to our guide.