How to Repair Weapons: Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: One of the most painful experiences during Dying Light 2 is having your weapon fall apart as you fight off the hordes of affected.

 Weapons available in this game are pretty numerous, but you may discover one that you cannot eliminate as it could cause you to wonder how to repair it before it fails. 

This is a question that many players ask, and the answer could be a surprise to you. This is how you can repair weaponry in Dying Light 2.

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How to Repair Weapons in Dying Light 2

There’s no way to fix weapons directly with the help of Dying Light 2. 

You can make some workarounds to fix this issue by installing modifications. Every time you install a mod to your weapon, which increases the durability by 50% of the gun. 

To get the most benefit of this, you could efficiently use mods such as repair kits and place them on your weapon whenever the durability is low.

This means that if you discover an instrument you love, You’ll want to add some modifications to it to improve the toughness.

If not, it could damage the weapon, and you’ll need to locate an alternative.

You can search for and make mods, purchase these from Craftmaster in the Bazaar and earn them as rewards when you complete quests. 

When you want to equip mods, access your inventory, select one of the weapons with sockets, and select a mod in the dropdown menu. 

You’ll see the “weapon repair +50 durability” effect beneath the mod’s statistics.

You’ve got it; that’s the only method to fix the weapons. 

We’ll keep you informed if we discover alternative hacks to fix things. 

However, for now, make sure to stock up on mods as you can, mainly when you come across a highly damaged or unique weapon that you’d like to save for a long time.