What is Nathan’s Phone Code?: The Life of a Stranger

The Life of a Stranger can be as mysterious and a coming of age story.

 Max and Chloe investigate their suspicions to a new stage during the fourth episode, Episode 4, Dark Room. 

The episode is about a couple trying to find the truth about Nathan by logging into his mobile phone.

Max and Chloe require Nathan’s phone number to gain access to it, but it’s not clear which answer to choose. 

There are many possible solutions to Nathan’s items, so you should follow this guide to unlock Nathan’s phone and continue to the next chapter of Chloe and Max’s adventures within The Life of Odd.

What Nathan’s Phone Code in Life is Strange?

With all the numbers listed on different items of proof, it may be challenging to figure out the correct four-digit code to unlock Nathan’s mobile within just three attempts. 

“Life is Strange” players must look at the student file for clues to the password.

There are many four-digit numbers available on this page. However, the most important thing to remember is the birth date.

 It is the number needed to allow Nathan to unlock his phone. If three incorrect pin attempts don’t block it, users can open Nathan’s mobile using the code 0829.

Max can now pursue her investigations into Nathan in Season 4 Episode of The Life is Strange

All of the pieces begin to connect as the episode progresses, and viewers may be surprised by the story’s direction to the end of the story.

How to Unblock Nathan’s Phone in Life is Strange

If three unsuccessful attempts to figure out the number of Nathan’s mobile was made, the phone is only accessible through a PUK code. 

You can find The number in Nathan’s U.S.A Mobile SIM card. On the lower left-hand side of the SIM card is the PUK number: 87897808. 

This will unlock Nathan’s phone and allow Max access to the contents to aid her investigation. 

The viewers will see slight differences in the messages sent between Nathan to Max according to whether they choose to reveal the truth about Nathan or cover up the fact in the first episode of Life is Strange.

With many suspect messages now accessible and accessed by players, they can begin to unravel the mystery surrounding the location Nathan was with Kate during the night before the Vortex Party. 

The end of Life is Strange Episode 4 will be released shortly following the next gameplay segment. 

With all story chapters available to current players, they do not have to wait for months to conclude the story. 

Instead, they can jump straight into Episode 5, Polarized.