BGMI: Spiderman Defeats the Boss One Time

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has launched a new Royal Pass M7. 

This has many RP missions that players must complete within a specific time.

 We have previously explained the steps to complete Use the Zipline and Spiderman Web Shooter.

 However, many people are still wondering how to complete the Classic Mode Defeat the Boss 1 time with Spiderman.

Can you defeat the boss in Classic Mode of BGMI with Spiderman? 

We have a step-by-step guide to help you answer the question “No” in the Classic Mode of BGMI.

Spiderman Mode Guide: Defeat the Boss One Time

Krafton has created new missions for the first week of BGMI M7 Royal Pass. The mission ‘Defeat the boss one time with Spiderman Classic Mode’ is what players must complete before the weekends.

This BGMI M7 RP mission requires players to play in solo, duo, or squad matches in Spiderman Man Classic Mode.

 The solo mode is recommended. Select the Spiderman map from BGMI by going to the screen.

 Next, select Classic>>Ranked, then tap on Erangel.

After you have selected the person, begin the matchmaking process and wait for Map to appear on the screen. 

Then, open the map and go to the highlighted location in the following picture. 

You will find the boss of the BGMI Spiderman Map at the location we have highlighted in the image below.

Ensure that you have a potent weapon before going to Melta Power or the boss location.

 After you have equipped yourself with a gun and taken a few shots, go to the location. 

Spiderman will appear and kill your boss if you do this.